WIND Mobile Expands Network Coverage Across Canada


Wind Mobile has announced today that it has added a third roaming partner to expand network coverage across Canada. The press release doesn’t specify which network is Wind’s new partner.

“Adding a third major roaming partner will give more freedom to our customers to use their phone while travelling across Canada,” said WIND Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic.

Thanks to the new roaming agreement, Wind Mobile users can use data/talk/text services throughout the country, as it adds 292,000 square kilometres of coverage within Canada. Now that Wind has three major roaming partners, it offers coverage on over 1.5 million square kilometres across the country and reaches 99% of the population.

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  • gmd

    So this is what it was all about. Now do we know if it’s restricted by region? I have a phone that will not have any service when it locks on partner number 2.

  • MrXax

    A friend of mine living downtown Toronto reports horrible, spotty reception with WIND all over the GTA (using a phone that had great reception with Rogers). I wish I could recommend them as a viable alternative to the big brutes, but instead I have to advise staying far, far away from them.

  • Yeah the spotty coverage is definitely a pain, you get what you pay for in this case. Hopefully that changes when they launch their LTE network in the future.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Hey Gary, any time frame for WIND’s LTE?

  • Diu_Hai

    I live downtown and I signed up with Wind since the beginning, when Wind was first introduced. I get spotty reception but I would get a decent reception inside the house and especially in my room. Then last week, all of the sudden in my room, while replying a text message, I stopped getting reception. I called Wind, and they said it could be the SIM card or the phone (there was no service disruption in my area). So I got a new SIM AND A NEW PHONE, and Wind still didn’t work for me. It would work when I’m down the street from my house but once I stepped inside, there is no service. Unbelievable. It just suddenly stopped working. I mentioned this to Wind, and they were perplexed too, there was nothing they can do. So now I’m with Fido and although, I don’t have unlimited data, at least I get reception and it’s more reliable than Wind.

  • Hello Moto

    You should try Mobilicity. They use the Rogers network now but it is still limited to the same zones and 2G/3G only.