WIND Mobile Confirms iPhone 5 Compatibility, Says “Stay Tuned”


Earlier this week T-Mobile announced they would offer an AWS version of the iPhone 5, a firmware modified version of the existing Rogers/Bell/TELUS iPhone 5 to enable AWS band support. Since AWS has always been the limiting factor for iPhones, this news changes the game when it comes to our newer wireless entrants.

Mobilicity, Videotron and WIND Mobile all operate on the AWS spectrum and this T-Mobile iPhone 5 will be compatible in Canada on AWS bands at HSPA+ speeds. Videotron already confirmed this, and recently WIND Mobile has taken to their Facebook page (which has started an Android vs iPhone flame war) and Twitter to confirm it as well.

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When an existing customer asked how long they would have to wait for an update, WIND Mobile responded they were trying to confirm the timing for an official announcement and said they were ‘hoping’ for April.

WIND Mobile is reportedly up for sale and previous reports stated U.S. carriers were possibly interested in acquiring the company. If WIND was to carry the iPhone 5 officially, terms with Apple would dictate to stay quiet on the matter until an official announcement is made. Other factors not in the company’s favour is its relatively small subscriber base, currently at 600,000, limited to Toronto and southern Ontario, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Greater Vancouver.

Canadians can head down to the USA and purchase a factory unlocked T-Mobile iPhone 5 from Apple Stores on April 12th (prices are cheaper by $50 down south). The phone will work on LTE networks in Canada and AWS networks at 3G speeds. Let us know if you’re planning on doing this.

What do you think the chances are for WIND to carry the iPhone 5? Would you switch?


  • gtasscarlo

    I would switch, $30 unlimited provincial talk+text+data. Sure, there are network flaws here and there. But, hell 6GB of data on Rogers costs the same.

  • K4

    The only factor holding me back is Wind’s awful 2-3mbps data speed in Toronto. When you’re used to the LTE 30mbps+ speed it’s very difficult to go back.

  • FragilityG4

    Good for WIND. This will help them grow their business and make them more salable if they’re still looking to do so.

  • Anon

    This type of competition is good for us Canadians, especially with the big 3 running a monopoly. I would switch in a few years (after my Rogers contract has ended). By then, they should have expanded coverage in GVR.

  • MiguelSmith

    I’m excited about this, although I’ll wait it out a few months — if their network can handle it and the increase in customers (which I’ve heard issues with already and kind of doubt…), then I’ll ditch the Big 3 and hop on 🙂

  • interesting to see who the new buyer is. Possible the new buyer adopts the uniform pricing of the big 3 and then we’re all hooped. (unless you want mobilicity’s really bad network)

  • That’s a sad possibility.

  • ward09

    My Rogers contract is up in September, but I’d love to buy my way out of it if I could get an iPhone with Wind this spring. I’d like to be on a grandfathered plan before Rogers ends up buying them, which is my suspicion/fear.

  • wuju

    If they coverage goes up to Newmarket, Ontario (North of Toronto), then I’ll switch too. Wind mobile pricing is amazing. Paying Fido 57 per month for 2GB data plus unlimted talk and text within Canada.

  • wuju

    It covers to Newmarket. Great. 40 bucks for unlimited Canada. Can’t wait for Wind to support iPhone. Question is will my existing iPhone 5 (factory unlock cause it’s purchased from Apple online directly) works on Wind when it’s available?

  • There was a jailbreak tweak to enable AWS-LTE, so unlocked AT&T/Rogers/Bell/TELUS iPhone 5s would be able to use those speeds. But since AWS LTE is not in Canada it’s pointless. Unless USA roamers want LTE on T-Mobile.

  • timothy

    no the iphone 5 is gonne have a hardware upgrade which is specific to t-mobiles network. The iphone 5 you have will not work! sorry

  • Fact Checker

    Wrong, Apple is releasing IPhone that will not work on both LTE and 3G. You work for Rogers or what? I am tired of people giving bad name to Wind.

  • wuju

    I’ve jailbroken my current iPhone 5. So possible or not? You mentioned 5S in your reply, possible with the future 5S model???

    I’m confused. Thanks.

  • Whoops I meant iPhone 5.

  • its a firmware update, the hardware is already in the 5

  • Steven

    Wind mobility’s unlimited data on iPhone?! (hope so) if so, then i am switching from Telus.
    (Luckily my contract ends this October)

  • Jim

    No it’s a hardware fix that will roll out after mid april on all iPhones, previous iphones will not have this option

  • I hear ya – Rogers is the worst at yanking people!!!

  • tbomb

    There’s no point in Wind “officially” offering the iPhone 5. They would be much better off just having people buy it outright from apple and then giving customers a $300. credit. Apple’s terms for carrying the iPhone are too outrageous for such a small company.

  • noahsgalaxy

    im with mobilicity right now and im an android user but im thinking about getting the iphone on mobilicity’s network

  • Rajwant Brar

    The new iPhone will have a different Firmware that will enable AWS band 1700/1900 for HSPA as it already has the LTE AWS band. Apple will not update existing iPhones due to “stability” reasons. The HSPA AWS band was disabled at the factory but I am sure that someone with a computer programming background will find a way to update the baseband to include AWS HSPA because it is not a hardware limitation, it is Apple wanting to sell more iPhones rather than recycling old units already sold (not good for sales, stock price is sub $400!)

  • AA

    Wind Mobile won’t carrying the iPhone 5 for AWS in its stores but you can buy from Apple store and then connect it with WindMobile SIM.

  • Ellie

    I hated being on a 3 year contract with Fido and am a fan of Wind no contract plans. I need to get a new plan with Wind but not feel assured that the I phone that I buy in the States will be compatible with Wind, it seems to be a very new thing. Has anybody done this ?

  • N

    I will switch. Just waiting to finish my contract with the biggest crook Rogers.

  • faffa

    i have a iphone 4 , locked with rogers , can i unlock it and take it to wind’s store to make it work??

  • annabelle

    THIS IS DEFINITELY A GAME CHANGER! the only thing that held me back from switching to Wind Mobile was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to use my IPhone with it but if IPhones finally come into their system I WOULD DEFINITELY SWITCH!

  • fgh

    so they give a sim card or do u have to buy it

  • Ryan Bartsch

    no, only iphone 5 made after april 11th 2013 will work on wind

  • Rechel Osad

    I have the same plan but I don’t understand
    I have a iPhone right now can it work with wind

  • panda221221

    Will i be able to use wind with my iphone 4 then?

  • Viktor E.

    Common people…WIND is amazing and you have to give it time to upgrade its network. They can only buy spectrum once a YEAR. That’s what’s holding them back from expansion and a 4G network.

  • Bandar

    does Iphone 5s work with wind mobile

  • Cameron

    im buying iphone5s this week in hopes of wind’s service being effective in both canada and the states
    -ontario + ohio