WIND Mobile Launches New Unlimited Plans Ranging from $20-$40


For those with family members on WIND Mobile, the company has announced today new unlimited rate plans ranging from $20-40. Mirko Rugarli, WIND’s Chief Marketing Officer says these new plans have more features and “give Canadians the value, simplicity and savings they want.”

Below are the new plans:

WIND 20: Unlimited Talk + Text for $20, with $100 WINDtab subsidy.

WIND 30: Unlimited Data, Talk + Text for $30, with $200 WINDtab subsidy.

WIND 40: International, Unlimited Data, Talk + Text, with $300 WINDtab subsidy.

All plans include caller ID, conference calling, call forwarding, call waiting, with voicemail $8/month extra. Previously, WIND had a $25 (unlimited talk, text and 100MB data) and $40 (unlimited talk, text, data) plan as starting points for customers, but now these new plans offer more options.

WIND Mobile goes on to explain based on a former CRTC report, the average monthly cell phone bill in Canada is $58. Rugarli says the $30/month plan offers unlimited features that are “almost half than the national average” of what other wireless customers pay.

Last month, WIND Mobile became the first foreign-owned wireless carrier in Canada. Recent rumours and speculation have suggested the takeover could result in its sale to an existing wireless incumbent.



  • Tim

    This is a strategy to get bought out. It worked for Fido when they released City Fido for $45, the first unlimited talk plans in Canada. The company has gone on record as essentially regretting their decision to enter the market and I’m guessing this is a way to get some of that investment back.

  • Can I use wind with my iPhone yet?

  • Matt

    If they had iPhone I’d be all over this

  • Not yet.