Wind Mobile Roaming Offer: Unlimited US Talk, Text, and Data for $15/Month


Wind Mobile Unlimited roaming US

Wind Mobile is going the uncarrier way: Starting February 3rd, it will kick off an unlimited roaming plan offer for all of its subscribers for only $15 per month. As the company likes to put it: “true mobile freedom across the US.”

You don’t have be good at math; just put Wind Mobile’s offer side by side with what the Big Three propose. As Darrell Etherington of Techcrunch points out, the incumbents’ offers range from $65 to $80, but none of them offer unlimited text, talk, and data, like Wind Mobile does: up to 500BM of data, up to 300 minutes, and unlimited text.

For those who travel in the US frequently, this could be a great option. However, you need to keep in mind that there are some limitations as well: For starters, you need to sign up for a Wind Mobile plan, which brings up the coverage problem. Also, it must be noted here that Wind’s roaming partner is T-Mobile, which means data speeds at 2G or 3G.

Wind Mobile’s offer will surely “force” some subscribers to switch. If this is the start of a series of attractive offers, it could force other players to lower their (roaming) offers as well.


  • newmark888

    At that price, it might be worth it for some to get a wind account just for the sake of visiting the US. Can you add this to their lowest priced plan?

  • Jason

    T-Mobile has 4G LTE in a lot of urban regions.. if not HSDPA+

  • Jesse

    If Wind had better domestic coverage I would switch over to them in a heartbeat just so I can benefit off this add on as well since I travel to the states a lot. I do use tmobile or my roam SIM card how this is even a better deal because I’m usually there for 5+ days

  • crosseyed_mofo

    istvan you are mistaken about tmobile speeds

  • dennip

    I jumped ship, moved from the Big 3 to Wind, nervously….day 2 and success, so far no dead zones and I was worried because I live in a concrete building in New Westminster and I even get reception with my iPhone 5S in the stairwell. Ported my number over and took advantage of the $39/mth unlimited plan. Network speed is very good at 3G . I spend a lot of money on US roaming and recently got a T-Mobile SIM for when I cross the border, tomorrow I’ll take advantage of the Wind US Roaming add on if I don’t have to sign a contract for the add-on. I’m just skeptical as every time I changed my plan with Rogers in the past I ended up signing up for a committed period. No iMessage thus far, but think I can live with that on my iPhone, green messages instead of blue messages, LOL.

  • Don’t iMessages sent to your Apple ID email work though?

  • dennip

    Yes, you are right Gary, I discovered that last night as I was searched to see if iMessage was available and it was. Just have to become familiar with the Wind network and ‘tricks’ that come with trade. Reminds me of the days when no Canadian carrier supported iPhone back in the day. Just a matter of learning

  • George

    There’s a fix now, on the apple forums. Complicated but you can do it. Just search wind iMessage.

  • Do you have a link? We’d love to share how to do it.

  • dennip

    I used the US roaming last weekend and showed T-Mobile 3G, it was great. No issues. Just make sure your roaming is set to ‘on’ but before you do that add the US roaming add-on.

  • scott

    it isn’t unlimited in the us… It is unlimited to a certain point that they don’t tell you then they suspend your service