WIND Mobile to Launch $50 Unlimited CAN/USA Talk, Text, Data Plan Oct. 24


Unlocked iPhone 5/5c/5s users on WIND Mobile have another plan to look forward next week, as the company plans to introduce a new $50/month plan which features everything from the $40/month plan but adds unlimited Canada/US-wide talk and voicemail.

Here what’s included in this upcoming $50/month plan:

  • Unlimited local, provincial, national and USA-wide talk
  • Unlimited CAN/USA SMS/MMS, global text
  • Unlimited data
  • Voicemail+, Caller ID, Conference calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Missed Call Alerts

According to MobileSyrup, the new plan will go live on October 24.

Back in September, the company openly stated it welcomed unlocked iPhone users, revealing over 2,500 users on their network were already using the iPhone 5. Are you using an iPhone on WIND right now?


  • bof

    I would like, too bad for QC’s customer

  • Chrome262


  • K3

    What’s the catch, how are they able to do this while other bigger companies would claim it impossible to offer?

  • Fireeast

    It’s Impossible because they wouldn’t be having yearly record profits. They also believe their superior network deserves their inflated prices. Until consumers start deciding with their wallets, the big three will never lower their prices.

  • I think it’s because they only support small, densely populated areas of coverage. They still charge you an arm and a leg if you need to use your phone outside of those major areas (and unfortunately I live outside of their calling area). Theoretically, their maintenance costs for those areas are much cheaper per user.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    yeah we can thank videotron for not allowing wind to buy spectrum

  • andrez1

    Does this include tethering?

  • Canucks

    LTE speed, wireless coverage, call reception, etc are all $$$.

    If Wind builds its own LTE network and cell towers like the Big 3, I am pretty sure Wind’s price will go up another extra $15-$30.
    Wind might still be cheaper though but we can’t compare apple and orange at the moment as they are not at the same level.

  • mcfilmmakers

    This plan has no roaming fees…

  • Chrome262

    thats the problem for them in general, they don’t have as much network access as they should. Don’t have to build and LTE network if you had access to it.

  • Dr_AL

    Yes there are roaming charges regardless of your Wind plan.

    Outside of the Wind network, which is only in urban centers, your phone will jump on the Wind-Away network which is just rogers. Once on the Wind-Away network nothing is included in this plan. It is at a per minute rate, and $1/MB for data.

    On the Wind network this plan would cover everything though.

  • dudemaster

    Does this include unlimited data in the US?If yes, then I will have to change my iPhone 5 since it’s a pre AWS model.

  • Dr_AL

    Yes, when you are on the wind network at 3G speed.

  • Dr_AL

    No unlimited data while roaming in the US. Unlimited data is only while on the wind network which is located in select urban centres.

  • No

  • mcfilmmakers

    Then why no mention of it in the article? Unlimited means unlimited.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Only T-mobile has unlimited international data.

  • Shayan Zamani

    are you serious? Which service provider gives you unlimited International DATA ROAMING for $50 ??? LOL.

  • Jason K

    T-Mobile (US) does.

  • Victor Smith

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