Wind Mobile Unveils $39/Month Plan With Unlimited Data in Canada and the U.S.


WIND mobile goes live in Kingston

Today, Wind Mobile launched a new $39 monthly plan that offers unlimited 3G data in both Canada and the United States.

Currently, Wind is the only Canadian carrier that is offering unlimited data roaming in the U.S. at no extra charge. Rogers is currently charging customers $5 per day to use their regular monthly allowance of minutes, data, and text while roaming in the United States.

The advantage of Rogers’ add-on is you are able to connect at LTE speeds in areas that support it. With Wind Mobile’s new plan users will be limited to 3G speeds even in areas where LTE is available.


The new $39 per month plan will be available until March 31. In addition to unlimited data in Canada and the U.S., the plan also offers unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited Canada-wide SMS and MMS. Users who are traveling state side will not have unlimited calling, however the carrier will give you 2,400 minutes of talk time.

Wind notes that the new Wind 39 plan may not be combined with the “bring your own phone” offer, which means no extra credits. Before jumping at this deal, be sure to ask the carrier if it will work in your situation.

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  • CanucksGoals

    When will Wind understand that it is not the price, it’s the reception coverage and speed! Even if it is free that I wouldn’t use it for the past bad experience that I had with Wind.

  • Steve

    The price obviously reflects the coverage. Rest assured, as soon as they become as Rogers, they will charge Rogers ripoff rates.

  • pauly

    I will.never feturn to Rogers…. ever… I believe we must support the little guy…

  • CanucksGoals

    Well I am using my 6GB Fido plan. I am good for now. 🙂

  • Fred

    So, since this plan cannot be combined with “bring your own phone,” does that mean it can’t be used with an unlocked iPhone from the Apple Store? If so why is it being covered in iphoneincanada then?

  • Apologies, clarified.

    I believe this plan is just not available for those looking to seek the BYOD credits offer on top of the promo plan, but is available to BYOD customers or existing customers upgrading/downgrading their plans (which includes unlocked iPhone users).

  • Henry Hauser

    I’m with Wind since 3 years and happy with the service. There are a few dead spots in the Vancouver area, but I can live with that. Also, what is the big deal if it takes a few seconds longer to download an email with 3G? I save easily $45 a month, compare to any of the big monopolists’ service bills. That comes to $540 per year, which is almost a return ticket to Hawaii. …And the unlimited US roaming is included in my Wind $39 plan.
    Aloha to all you Telus, Bell & Rogers users!!!