WIND Mobile Launches Nationwide Network Upgrade in Vancouver


WIND Mobile announced Tuesday morning it plans to boost its network performance across Canada, starting with the Greater Vancouver area.

Dean Price, Vice President and General Manager of WIND Mobile’s Western Region, said in an emailed statement to iPhone in Canada “WIND customers in the Greater Vancouver area are already noticing better performance as we upgrade every aspect of our network components.”

Completion of the Greater Vancouver upgrade is expected to be completed by January 2016.

Price went on to explain “We’re dedicated to doing what is necessary to improve our network in the West to handle the surge of new customers who have joined WIND Mobile,” citing new equipment and additional spectrum will result in “more capacity, faster data speed and improved call quality.”

WIND Mobile says as it continues to expand its capacity, it “further solidifies its position as Canada’s true alternative wireless provider.”

Last week, the carrier announced it had partnered with Nokia to implement its highly anticipated LTE network, part of a five-year agreement between both companies.


  • 1His_Nibs1

    Now hopefully we start hearing feedback on the call quality & data speeds. If it’s positive then adios Fido. I’ll have to check to see if my iPhone is network compatible & if so then I’ll gladly pay the cancellation fee because I’ll recoup that in savings.

  • That explains a lot. My wife has been stuck in “Wind away” for the past 3 days and a few co workers too. I’ve been getting triple if not x4 duplicate messages too. Very annoying, reminds me back of classic Telus days.

  • ipostic

    It’s hard to take Wind seriously when it’s not available in areas outside of major cities. Hopefully this Nokia deal will bring them as a true service provider across Canada and not only if don’t ever leave Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver (or other handful cities). Red Deer Alberta with just over 100,000 residents is too small for Wind 🙁