WIND Mobile Users Suffering from U.S. Roaming Issues, Can’t Make Calls [u]


At the end of January WIND Mobile launched a new U.S. roaming offer which includes unlimited talk, text and data for $15 per month. It appears some WIND users roaming in the USA (which is on the T-Mobile network) have been suffering from connectivity issues over the past 24 hours and longer. reader Denni reports his WIND Mobile service roaming in the USA was unable to make outgoing calls while he was in Seattle, LA and San Diego, although texting and data has worked fine. Other users have also dealt with similar issues as well:

WIND has been telling customers the following:

“We are aware of an issue where some customers connected to the T-Mobile Network while roaming in the US are unable to make outgoing calls”.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.”

This morning, the WIND Social Media Team has been telling customers the issue has been resolved, and suggests reinstalling WIND SIM cards and doing a reboot to fix the issue.

If you’re down in the USA right now roaming on WIND Mobile, let us know if you’re dealing with any issues related to outgoing calls. We’ve reached out to WIND Mobile for comment and will update this post shortly.

Update: WIND PR has responded:

There was an issue with one of our roaming partners yesterday evening which affected the ability to make calls. This has now been resolved, so if any customers are still experiencing issues, I would recommend they contact our customer service department for further support and troubleshooting.


  • ME

    I just used it 2 weeks ago in Rochester NY and the data speed is awful, slower than edge

  • Mark18

    I’m in FL now with my iPhone 5s on WIND. Data is a bit slower than back in Toronto, but still usable; I can still watch Youtube and Google Maps app works ok.

    I had trouble making calls before, but took the suggested advice to reboot the device; now I can make calls. Call quality is about the same as well.

  • gtasscarlo

    Be glad you can even use your phone in the states. I’m with Rogers and to even make a call is $1.45 a minute. And $8 for 50 mb a day. Maybe the problem is just t-mobile, you can switch between AT&T and T-Mobile.

  • Rtan

    Been on Los Angeles since Feb 26. Unlimited wind $15.00 add-on. Calling toronto LA and 905. No issue.

  • Laurita

    I’m in Chicago right now. I have the plan. I can text, and call, but my phone keeps telling me I’m not connected to the internet even though my data roaming is clearly enabled. I’ve rebooted… any other suggestions?

  • Vapor

    Same thing just got back from a long weekend in Chicago, added the unlimited data talk and text because I use my phone as my GPS. Get over the border and there’s no internet. Got lost in downtown Detroit with my wife and 2 children for about 40 minutes because I had no clue where I was. I’m not a happy customer.

  • nonono

    Im in LA right now and cant make outgoing calls, I called wind for the past week to try to get this solved and their solution?

  • Annoyed

    Yup I’m in Chicago right now, I paid the $15 for unlimited frustration – – oh, I mean data – – and there is no data at all. Nothing. Got lost a few times now.

  • JJ

    Same story here. Just got back from L.A. and we went on days without any service at all. That includes both the voice and data service. This was frustrating as we really were in need of the service. Sadly, we switched over from roam mobility but will most likely go back to them as they are more reliable albeit more in cost.

  • madninja

    in columbus ohio i have data and text and i can receive call but i can make outgoing calls. i heard on wind mobile you can also use at&t anybody else hear this

  • Igor Kulishov

    Be carefull signing for US roaming wind mobile. I ccould not manage to switch off the roaming. Called many times asking to turn it off but company keeps charging me for roaming every month.