WIND Mobile’s Vancouver Network Upgrade Complete, Calgary Underway


Back in December, WIND Mobile launched a nationwide upgrade to its network, starting in the Greater Vancouver area. Today, the company announced the Vancouver upgrade is now complete, with the next upgrade already underway in Calgary.

Alek Krstajic, CEO, WIND Mobile, said in a statement to iPhone in Canada “We are really pleased to have completed another leg in our network upgrade journey. It is gratifying that we are already hearing from customers that they are experiencing a noticeable improvement in their service.”

The network upgrade added new equipment to go with additional wireless spectrum, which should result in a “better, faster network”, consisting of faster data speeds, call quality and network coverage.

WIND Mobile says the network will continue to be upgraded across Canada, with plans to launch LTE in the markets it operates in, which should come as good news for existing and future customers.

Despite network upgrades underway, WIND Mobile still lacks the enhanced coverage, latest smartphone hardware and speed of incumbent wireless networks.

Back in December, Shaw announced it planned to acquire WIND Mobile in a $1.6 billion deal, which should help accelerate the company’s expansion.


  • gmd

    1.5 months for Vancouver, going West to East… Ottawa in the summer? Really? Forget Megs and Kilo, we’ll be in bits per second by then!

  • McNucklefuts

    Any Vancouverights experiencing a better experience??

  • Mark

    Significantly fewer dropped calls. Data is fast and actually usable now – speeds average 15mbps down, 3mbps up. Can’t complain when I’m paying $24 for 5GB.

    Indoor service is slightly better too, I guess the new antennas are more powerful. Obviously they’re still using AWS so it’s not amazing.

  • Kyle Mitton

    its all shite, I am jumping to Rogers due to the shitty coverage. I been with wind for 4 years and the crappy customer service, poor data and general no change has moved me to Rogers

  • I hope this is just a hiccup.
    My wife and a friend who lives a few houses down both use Wind and had decent coverage. Since this “Upgrade” they’ve both dropped from 3-4 bars to 0-1 and often switching to “Wind Away”

    I’m sure many are pleased with the service, but for the past 3 weeks my wife has essentially been left in the dark. I really hope it’s just tower issues and not simply being downgraded while other upgraded 😛