WIND Mobile’s ‘Value Calculator’ Shows How Much You’d Save If You Switch

WIND Mobile launched their Value Calculator the other day to show Canadians how much they would save if they switched over to WIND:

WIND’s new Value Calculator is also available today. The new online application allows visitors to enter in their current wireless plan and compare exactly how much they can save when switching from their current provider to WIND Mobile.

WIND also notes their network area can serve 13.1 million Canadians, and with upcoming upgrades to Southern Ontario that number will grow by 600,000.

If you visit the calculator page here, all you need to do is fill in details such as your minutes used, texts sent, data consumed and other extra options such as tethering or voicemail options. Once you’ve completed the necessary info, a pop up reveals how much you’d save annually by switching to WIND.

While WIND offers much more favourable voice and data plans, their AWS network is still growing and does not support the iPhone. If that ever changes…you can bet the switching floodgates will be wide open.

How much would you potentially save according to the Value Calculator?

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  • iFone

    Still not a great value (with or without the iPhone) until they get another spectrum besides 1700mhz (AWS). I rather pay more but have a service provider with no drop calls, specially when in downtown. They need the 700mhz spectrum to really compete with the incumbents.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Then stop supporting Robellus! Only then will they be competitive. It’s OUR fault Wind can’t buy more spectrum – we give our money to the Big 3!

  • lan

    If winds network ever works on iphone frequencty …let the gates of hell open up. I will sacrifice LTE for unlimited 3g anyday of the year.

  • Give me an AWS iPhone and I’ll switch in a heartbeat (oh ya, give me coverage where I live too!).

  • iFone

    Get your facts straight. I dont support Robellus or any of the Big 3. But, unfortunately, you gotta play with what we have and so far they offer the best value for MY money. If you think otherwise, feel free to support Wind and their spotty service.

  • mcfilmmakers

    The FACTS are you are paying them for service. Ergo you are supporting them.

  • iFone

    Is Virgin them? Don’t think so…

  • mike

    virgin mobile is owned by bell.

  • mike
  • iFone

    then I guess I do support them, and proud of it. Best bang for the buck yet.


  • AWS-supported iPhone…rumoured, but we’ll see.

  • lan

    An Iphone 5 that supports aws is just what the doctored ordered for Canada. Maybe the big 3 will give more data and for cheaper rates once they start losing a ton of customers.

  • Would love switching lol but no Wind in Quebec unless they partner in the near future with Videotron (and yes x3 on the AWS iPhone lol)

  • John

    My whole department uses WIND for about a year and a bit now. No drop calls so from anyone of us. Although the 3g is a bit slow at times, none of us complain since we have unlimited (well, daily limit of 6gb).

    For all the services and features we get, it very affordable. If you are spending $45+ on a plan (before retention), you are spending too much.