WIND Mobile Spring Promo: $39 Unlimited Talk, Text, Data Plan with U.S. Roaming [u]


If you’re a WIND Mobile user with an unlocked iPhone (or any WIND compatible phone) that travels to the U.S. frequently, the following spring promo plan just might be for you.

The WIND 39 plan is set to debut on Monday, April 14 until May 31 (or until they decide to end this promo). Here’s what you’ll get:

When Connected to the WIND Network in Canada
– Unlimited Local Calling
– Unlimited Canada-Wide LD
– Unlimited Canada-Wide Text
– Unlimited Canada/U.S. MMS
– Unlimited Data
– Call Control

When Roaming in the United States (Roaming Partners T-Mobile & AT&T)
– Unlimited Local Calling
– Unlimited Canada-Wide LD
– Unlimited U.S. Wide LD
– Unlimited Canada/U.S. Text
– Unlimited Canada/U.S. MMS
– Unlimited Data
– Call Control

– Eligible for up to $150 WINDTAB
– Eligible for Better Together Savings Discount

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Unfortunately the plan does not include voicemail.

Existing customers downgrading to this plan will have to call customer care, then pay a one-time process fee of $25 and one month of the promo plan fees at the time of the switch request.

Your unlocked iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c will work out of the box on WIND’s network. If you have a late model unlocked AWS iPhone 5, that will also work on WIND’s network.

WIND previously launched a promo $39 holiday plan last December, which included unlimited text, talk and data in Canada; this new $39 spring promo plan adds unlimited U.S. roaming talk, text and data to that!

Just last week WIND announced they had hit 700,000 users and also introduced new unlimited talk, text and data plans ranging from $25-60. If this new spring promo plan is their way to sign up more customers, it just might work.

You can check out further discussion of this plan over at RedFlagDeals here. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

Update: The $39 plan has gone live on WIND’s website. We’ve clarified the confusion regarding unlimited texting while down in the USA, now that the official details have been released.


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Screenshot 2014-04-14 10.46.36


  • persiann14 .

    is it worth for me to switch over from fido? I have less than a year remaining on my contract..

  • RyanC

    It really depends on your individual situation. For example; How much your monthly bill is with Fido, ETF’s, and remain balance on subsidized device (if any).

    You also want to calculate how much you would be saving each month (For more features). Chances are if you’re like most Canadians, what you’d save outweighs what it would cost to in the both the short & long term switch.

    And if you dont travel outside the Wind zone while in Canada thats just an added benefit.

    1 more thing…
    Make sure you have a good phone. I stay in the background and read daily on everyone bashing Winds coverage, but “IMHO” the reality is the phone makes all the difference. Yes I can complain about they’re coverage when I’m using my brothers old Huawei device and only get 3G, but I can complain about device as well (its outdated, practically running on a “AAA battery”)…. But the thing is I choose not to be a little baby about the situation because its the complete opposite when I switch to a my Note 3, S4, or even 5S. (Ido Smartphone repair services, hence all my phones – I’m by no means rich, just paying for school; so dont judge me when you dont know me) anyhow, I have absolutely nothing to complain about when I use an updated phone.

    Just something to consider, thanks for reading. And good luck.

  • persiann14 .

    Thanks for the input Ryan. I have been a fido customer for 4 years now and the only reason I want to switch is because of the unlimited data calling texting.. basically everything described in the info. And I also travel to the U.S quite often.
    My fido plan is 250 min (per minute billing)
    6gb of data
    unlimited text picture msg to U.S & Canada
    visual voicemail
    for around $70 dollars a month. IMO that’s a really ripoff plan.

    So for that reason I want to switch over but I’m just afraid of the coverage and if it’ll leave me strangling or not.
    I currently have an S4 running with the latest update.

  • RyanC

    Where are you located?

    I’m in Ontario (Whitby to be specific) not the core of the Wind Zone but I have Ive never had a dropped call, but when I travel outside the Wind Zone I just use WiFi and a Texting app.

    I’m on the “Irresistible 35” – blows all the other plans away IMO. If I’m traveling, I can just add US roaming for that month.

  • wearsy

    Anyone know if this will hotspot in the US? I’m tempted to dump my at&t go phone and T-Mobile Mifi for this plan. I travel to the US at least once a month so it may be worth it if I can tether to other devices.

  • RyanC

    Also, if you decide not to make the switch, you may want to keep an eye out on RFD. There’s a really reputable guy on there who provides people with $50 unlimited plans on Bell and Rogers. Small Conditions apply, but I dont want to go into too much unnecessary details.

    ** I would person do the $50 Unlimited Rogers one;
    If I cared more about coverage, more than competitioncompetition that is..

    I’ll see if I can provide a link if you need.

  • persiann14 .

    Yes the rogers one sounds good too 🙂

    I live in Vancouver BC

  • persiann14 .

    this would be a pretty neat option as well

  • RyanC

    Do you mean tether via Sim card in a Data Stick, or tether to another device from your phone?

    If your asking about tethering from your phone the answer is yes (I believe). IMO Hotspot should work whether you are roaming or not, as long as you have a strong enough signal.

    Also Wind doesn’t prevent HotSpot tethering on any of their plans.

    Just my two sense from what I know. You may want to ask them about it in dept, by explaining your intentions, just call customer service, let them know your not a customer but you want to speak to a knowledgeable rep or supervisor about the roaming feature. May sound harsh but a good rep would understand and won’t take it to heart.

  • persiann14 .

    do you have the link to the rogers unlimited 50 please?

  • RyanC

    Trying to find it now, Will edit this reply once I do. I was just on it on yesterday.

  • persiann14 .

    Thanks a lot man

  • wearsy

    Thanks Ryan, when my family travels to the states we all connect our devices to our T-Mobile Mifi to get on the internet. If winds plan could replace this they have a new customer. I pay $35 for 3,5 gigs on T-Mobile plus $2 /day for my at&t go phone so this plan would save me money in the long run I believe.

  • RyanC

    I’m not sure if there Sim will work in the T-Mobile MIFIMIFI device if thats what your thinking of doing. But you can just tether from your smartphone. Just call them up and see the beat route to take. They’re actually pretty helpful vs CSR’s from other carriers.

  • Randomguy123

    The Rogers links tells me that I do not have privileges to that page even when I sign into RFD. Any way to access this?

  • wearsy

    I would just use the phone as the hotspot. I imagine the T-Mobile Mifi is locked to T-Mobile. I’ll give them a call

  • BrodieTheDog

    Same problem here.

  • I had the same issue on my iPhone. On my Mac it’s fine. Maybe they signed everybody out on mobile for Heartbleed?

  • Reggie

    Quick question… In the plan they state roaming US/Canada texting is free, but you’ve stated that you can NOT text from the US to Canada… Can you confirm please, or is this a typo.
    Much appreciated.

  • Reggie

    Also, i see 2 dates… One as April 14th, one as the 19th… Lol thanks again

  • Not a typo

  • This is a typo. Whoops. Fixed. It’s April 14

  • Dennis Brodie

    How does that make sense? Doesn’t it say unlimited US roaming with talk, text, date. You can text any north american number in the USA with this plan.

  • Randomguy123

    Hmmm… I just tried again on my home computer and it still says that I don’t have access to that page. Maybe you could make a post about this deal…?

  • RyanC

    Sorry guys, I dont know any other way to get you on the forum page. Maybe try it on another computer, or even try clearing your history first. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck

  • You got it backwards. You cannot text from CANADA to the US, but when you’re roaming in the US you can text back to Canada. Regards.

  • yeahimasexybitch

    does this plan work if i buy a phone in the store?

  • JB

    How ludicrous is it that you can roam to the US for unlimited calling, but not to the Big 3’s networks domestically.

  • Anonymous

    I brought this plan over to Las Vegas, and I was able to call/text/data unlimited in the US, and do unlimited call/text to Canadian numbers; we even did Netflix in Las Vegas, and our bill still came up to $39 plus tax (only). Hats off to Wind!

  • Cassie

    Does this have to be for an iphone? or can it be with a Galaxy S3?

  • Linda

    This unlimited plan has been a joke for us. We went on with Wind July 2014, and in Aug 2014 they suspended the account due to over usage. Apparently there is a cap of sorts. Nobody from the company can give you direct numbers on the cap. A friend of mine was cap 3 different amounts in 3 months with 3500 min/ June, 1900 min/ July, and 1100 mins/Aug. My son was capped at 2600 min Aug didn’t even have the phone a month, and he was capped Jan 2105 at 21 hours. When this happens your phone is suspend until billing roll over.. which in his case is over a week. He is a truck driver and we specified this when getting the plan, and we were told UNLIMITED. Oh and today I was told 1G data… So very unhappy with Wind, could not get past a supervisor when I called it today, so sent a letter to the President of the company.
    Wind I think you need to look up the definition of UNLIMITED, and train your employees better on the terms of usage… oh and please tell me what is normal usage. I am sure a 16 year old would have different normal usage than an 80 year old. ….P.O.’d in Alberta.

  • PMS

    Does anyone know if this plan covers Canadian roaming? I live in a zone covered by one of their partner providers so it’s very important to know