WOW! Mobile Kiosks Launched by Rogers and Telus to Sell Wireless Services


At the end of September rumours swirled about a new mobile kiosk service to offer services from Rogers and Telus and as of today, the rumours have become true.

WOW! mobile boutiques has announced mall-based kiosks will be soon arriving in the coming months and 2014 at select locations across Canada. The kiosks will offer wireless services from Rogers and Telus along with their sub-brands Fido, Chatr and Koodo.

Match Transact will be operating the kiosks which will have trained staff offer “an enhanced customer-focused approach, with unbiased advice and assistance.”

Todd Empey, Vice-President of Match Transact and former VP of Future Shop said in a statement:

“This is an exciting evolution for wireless retailing in Canada and we are confident that Canadians will embrace the combination of great customer service, expertise and product offering available at WOW! mobile boutique locations.”

Match Transact has formerly worked with Telus, helping the latter launch Koodo mall kiosks in Alberta.

According to the Financial Post, sources say the project will see 100 kiosks in shopping malls across the country in the next 12-18 months:

“A lot of customers want choice when they go to one of these kiosks,” said a source familiar with the strategy. “People do not want to go to a bunch of different locations to compare what the brands are offering. They want to compare Rogers and Koodo in one place.”

Sources go on to say the launch will see 26 Chatr kiosks and 6 Koodo kiosks converted to the WOW! Mobile brand in the next few months, while the company continues to seek about 70 spaces for 150 square foot kiosks, which have a lower operating cost compared to a full fledged retail outlet.

With more and more smartphones being adopted by Canadian, kiosks are front and centre to mall traffic opposed to stores, where customers need to enter. The premise is customers will see new devices and go hands on, being enticed to purchase or consider upgrades.


  • FragilityG4

    Wireless Wave 2.0

  • Lol

  • Jake


  • Nah, just another way for the carriers to reach people I think. Glentel’s Wireless Wave and Tbooth stores don’t sell Telus products so this is just one way for Telus to reach more people.

  • Eric

    How many cell phone shops do we need?

  • Tyson

    Pretty much the same as every other store except with exceptionally bad customer service.

  • Tyson

    Every one I talk to about them talks about how bad the customer service is. I’ll always remember a store manager Jean D, in the Kingsway Mall branch in Edmonton calling my dad a baldie and winking at my sister. Who does the hiring in this place?

  • Tyson

    And boy is their customer service terrible.

  • Michelle

    Truly bad. It’s one thing to not care about your job but it’s another completely to be plain rude to customers.

  • Michelle

    Too many cell phone shops, horrible customer service