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Bell Fibe Launches Wireless 4K IPTV; Churchill to Get Broadband Internet

Bell Fibe now has two new pieces of hardware: Home Hub 3000 and Fibe Wireless 4K Whole Home PVR.


Bell and MTS to Expand Wireless LTE in Glenboro

Glenboro is set to get expanded LTE wireless coverage.

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Virgin Mobile Member Perk: 2 for 1 Cineplex Movie Tickets

Virgin Mobile Members can now jump on the company’s latest perk of 2 for 1 movie tickets.

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Bell Launches Promo Student Internet Plans for 2016

If you’re looking for student internet promos, here are the latest from Bell.


Bell’s CraveTV Launches Xbox One Support

You can now watch CraveTV on your Xbox One.

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CTV GO for iOS to Stream Game of Thrones Season 1 in August

Want to watch the first season of Game of Thrones on CTV?

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Virgin Mobile Launches Home Internet, Starting at $50/Month

Virgin Mobile now has home Internet available for its members.

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Virgin Mobile Extends BYOP Double Data Offers to June 13

Virgin Mobile has extended their double data promo on select plans until next week.

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Bell Media’s CraveTV Taps Comedian Russell Peters for Original TV Series

Russell Peters is set to appear in his first scripted TV series on CraveTV.


Virgin Mobile Retentions Offering $2/1GB, $5/2GB Loyalty Offer [u]

Some Virgin Mobile customers have been able to receive the following upgrade offer from the Retentions department.


Judge Approves $1M Bell Settlement Over 911 Fees, Applauds Plaintiffs [u]

A N.W.T. Judge has approved the $1 million settlement to be paid out by Bell Mobility over 911 fees.


Virgin Matches Fido with $40/1GB, $50/2GB Promo Plans

Virgin has launched their own promo plans to match Fido’s recent offer of double the data on select plans.