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NFL Wants Say in Bell’s Court Battle vs CRTC Over Super Bowl Ads

The NFL wants to explain to a Canadian court why the CRTC ban on Super Bowl simsubs is wrong.


Bell Again Loses Appeal Against 911 Fee Lawsuit in NWT

The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear Bell’s challenge over 911 services in the North.


Bell Says CraveTV to Launch for All Canadians on Jan. 1, 2016

Bell has announced CraveTV will hit the masses on January 1, 2016.


Save 20% Off Tickets at Ripley’s Aquarium for Virgin Mobile Members

Virgin Mobile members can save 20% off their tickets at Ripley’s Aquarium.


Bell’s Touch-Tone Fee Named “Canada’s Dumbest Charge” By CBC Marketplace

Bell is still charging customers $2.80 to use touch-tone phones.

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Virgin Mobile Contest: Enter to Win a New MINI 5 Door For a Year

Virgin Mobile has a new contest for members: enter to win a MINI 5 for a year.


Virgin Mobile Survey Concludes Canadians Want Friendly Customer Service

Virgin Mobile has conducted its own survey to reveal customers just want better customer service.

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Bell Offers Cheaper Calling Tiers for Family Share Plans, Starting at $30/mo

Bell has debuted a new local calling plan tier for its Family Share plans.


Over 90% of CraveTV Titles Unavailable on Netflix USA or Canada

A study of titles reveals CraveTV lacks titles available on Netflix, so accusing Canadians of stealing doesn’t make sense.


Bell Says Canadians are ‘Stealing’ U.S. Netflix When Watching via VPN

Bell’s new media chief says accessing U.S. Netflix in Canada using a VPN is equivalent to ‘stealing’.

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Bell Launches New Fibe TV App for Live TV, with Apple Watch Remote Control

Bell has released a brand new Fibe TV app for iOS users.


Hamilton Says Bell Used Duct Tape to Affix Wires to Sidewalks in CRTC Complaint

The City of Hamilton says Bell is responsible for shoddy roadwork done on streets and sidewalks.