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TELUS VoLTE Expands to Montreal as Users See Setting Available on iPhone

Telus wireless customers are now seeing VoLTE available in Montreal.


TELUS PureFibre Internet Launches Officially in BC and Alberta

TELUS has announced PureFibre has launched, officially.


Rogers/Fido Extended Coverage Looks to Have Expanded in Various Parts of Canada [u]

Some have notice Extend Coverage has expanded to new areas in Canada.


Bell, NFL Attempt Last Minute ‘Hail Mary’ to Sack Super Bowl Ad Ruling

Bell Media and the NFL are trying a last ditch attempt to overturn the CRTC’s Sim-sub ruling.


CWTA Responds to Say Wireless Data Prices in Canada are Competitive

The data firm Tefficient recently released data in its 14th analysis of data usage …


Virgin Mobile Boxing Day Promo: $65 Plan with 6GB Data, $120 in Credits

Virgin Mobile has matched Koodo and Fido in offering a 6GB Canada-wide calling plan.


Koodo Mobile Boxing Day Sale: $65 Plan with 6GB Data and $120 Credit [u]

Koodo Mobile has an in-store offer only for customers in Ontario.


Rogers/Fido, Virgin Mobile Offer $120 Credit for BYOD Activations

If you’re going to activate with your own phone with Rogers, Fido or Virgin, you can get $120 in credits.


Fido Boxing Day Promo: $60 BYOD Plan with 6GB Data

Fido has launched a new Canada-wide calling plan with 6GB data for $60.


Payphones Dubbed ‘Endangered Species’ in Canada, Only 67000 Remain

Payphones are an endangered species in the era of wireless.


TELUS Mobile Connect Pilot Offers Participants $20 in Starbucks Cards

If you want to give Mobile Connect a try with TELUS, you can get $20 in Starbucks cards.


CRTC Approves Bell Acquisition of MTS Broadcasting Licenses

Bell Canada’s acquisition of MTS has just received a green light from the CRTC for the latter’s broadcasting license.