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Conservative Party Leader Candidate Wants to Phase Out the CRTC

Maxine Bernier says telecom industry is not a playground for bureaucrats and urges CRTC phase out.


Bell Media’s CraveTV Taps Comedian Russell Peters for Original TV Series

Russell Peters is set to appear in his first scripted TV series on CraveTV.


Virgin Mobile Retentions Offering $2/1GB, $5/2GB Loyalty Offer [u]

Some Virgin Mobile customers have been able to receive the following upgrade offer from the Retentions department.


Judge Approves $1M Bell Settlement Over 911 Fees, Applauds Plaintiffs [u]

A N.W.T. Judge has approved the $1 million settlement to be paid out by Bell Mobility over 911 fees.


SaskTel Seen as Next Target for Possible ‘Big 3’ Buyout

With Bell acquiring Manitoba’s MTS, is SaskTel next on the chopping block?


Virgin Matches Fido with $40/1GB, $50/2GB Promo Plans

Virgin has launched their own promo plans to match Fido’s recent offer of double the data on select plans.


Koodo Promo: $40 Unlimited Canada-Wide with 2GB Data, Quebec-Only

Koodo has a new promo plan targeting customers in Quebec.


SaskTel Invests $2.1M to Improve Wireless Coverage along Highway 18

Sasktel invests $2.1 million to improve coverage along highway 18.


Fido Promo: Double the Data on 500MB and 1GB Plans

If you’re upgrading or signing up with Fido, there’s a double the data promo this weekend.


Catalyst Capital Accuses Former Wind Mobile Owners of Conspiracy, Seeks $750M In Damages

Catalyst Capital accuses former Wind Mobile owners of conspiracy, seeks $750 million in damages.


“Skinny” TV Program Packages Driving Higher Customer Satisfaction: J.D. Power

“Skinny” TV program packages driving higher customers satisfaction, says J.D. Power.


Bell TV for iOS Gets New ‘Trending’ and ‘Continue Enjoying’ Sections

Bell TV for iOS has been updated with various layout updates.