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Rogers Price Drop: 32GB LTE iPad 4 Now $349.99 In-Store

Rogers retail stores have price dropped the 32GB LTE iPad 4 to $349.99.


Bell Launches $80 Plan with 4GB Data for Quebec Only, Until April 9

There’s a new promo plan from Bell only available in Quebec which has 4GB data for $80/month.


Bell to Shut Down Entire CDMA Network by Early 2017

CDMA users on the Bell network will soon become extinct by early 2017.


Rogers Sought NHL Deal to Stem TV Losses, Fear Bell Would Nab Rights

During CRTC license renewal hearings, Rogers explained why it sought its NHL deal.

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Videotron’s $79.95 Unlimited Data Plan Mocks ‘Big 3′ in Promo Ad [VIDEO]

Videotron has launched a $79.95/month unlimited data plan while also mocking the Big 3 in the process.

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Bell Launches New Shareable Plans, Increases Data Prices in SK, MB [u]

Bell has launched new shareable plans like Rogers and Telus but has also increased data for the Prairies.


Bell to Launch Canada’s First 700MHz LTE Network in Hamilton

The country’s first carrier to launch its 700MHz network is Bell.


WIND Mobile Hits 700K Users, Releases New Unlimited Talk, Text, Data Plans

WIND Mobile has hit a new milestone: 700,000 subscribers.


Rogers Says NHL Fans Will Benefit from 700MHz Spectrum Auction

Rogers says its 700MHz spectrum auction will benefit NHL fans the most.


NDP and Conservatives Agree to Question Big 3 Wireless Price Hikes

The NDP has put forth a motion to investigate recent wireless price hikes.


Ontario’s ‘Wireless Services Agreements Act’ to Protect Cellphone Users Now in Effect

Ontario’s new cellphone legislation has gone live to protect wireless users.

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How to Get 2-for-1 Cineplex Movie Tickets from Virgin Mobile

If you love going to the movies Virgin Mobile has a 2 for 1 promo right now with Cineplex.