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Koodo: $45 Unlimited Canada-Wide Plan with 1GB Data, [Quebec Only]

Koodo has discounted their $50 per month Canada-wide plan to $45 for residents only in Quebec.


Rogers ‘Share Everything Pricing’ Coming, Plus New 15GB Plan for $160/month

Rogers customers will soon have options to add devices to share data via new Share Everything Pricing.


Rogers, Telus and Bell to Continue Fight vs Ottawa’s Wireless ‘Loopholes’

Canada’s Big 3 carriers will continue to lobby Ottawa to change its wireless rules despite Verizon out of the picture.


Mobilicity Plans Transfer of 200K Users to WIND Mobile as Bankruptcy Looms [u]

Mobilicity is close to shutting down and has reportedly has plans to transfer all of its users to WIND Mobile.


WIND Eyes 4th Carrier Spot, Ottawa Says Competition Coming without Verizon

As WIND Mobile sees itself poised to become our fourth national carrier, Ottawa says competition is coming regardless of Verizon bowing out.

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TELUS to Discontinue Black 32GB, 64GB iPhone 5 Models on Sept. 28

An internal doc notes TELUS will discontinue black 32GB and 64GB models on Sept. 28–could it be replaced by the iPhone 5C?


Bell Student Promo: Save $10 Off Voice & Data Lite 50, 60, 75 Plans

Bell has upped its student discount to $10 per month. Quebec students exclusively save on the Voice & Data Lite 50 plan.


TELUS Responds to ‘Fair for Canada’ Critics, Says Campaign a Success

Telus says the ‘Fair for Canada’ campaign has been a success, but also admits it’s working on improving customer service.


Verizon CEO Blames Press for Hyping Up Canadian Expansion Plans

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam says the press “made a lot more of our interest” in Canada then the company themselves.


Verizon CEO Confirms Company Has No Interest in Canada

In an interview with Bloomberg, Verizon’s CEO confirmed the company is not interested in Canada.


Verizon Acquires Vodafone Stake for $130B, Canadian Expansion Still Possible

A $130 billion deal with Vodafone means Verizon now owns 100% of its Verizon Wireless operation.


CRTC to Investigate Wireless Carrier Roaming Rates, Considers Regulation

The CRTC wants to investigate the wireless roaming fees associated with Canadian telcos.