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Verizon CEO Blames Press for Hyping Up Canadian Expansion Plans

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam says the press “made a lot more of our interest” in Canada then the company themselves.


Verizon CEO Confirms Company Has No Interest in Canada

In an interview with Bloomberg, Verizon’s CEO confirmed the company is not interested in Canada.


Verizon Acquires Vodafone Stake for $130B, Canadian Expansion Still Possible

A $130 billion deal with Vodafone means Verizon now owns 100% of its Verizon Wireless operation.


CRTC to Investigate Wireless Carrier Roaming Rates, Considers Regulation

The CRTC wants to investigate the wireless roaming fees associated with Canadian telcos.

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Big 3 Ad: Verizon Spectrum Bid Same as Selling Half of Canada’s Water [PIC]

The latest ad by incumbents says foreign wireless spectrum bids would be equivalent to selling half of Canada’s fresh water.

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Ottawa Debuts ‘More Choices’ Website to ‘Cut through the noise’ of Big 3

The Federal government has launched a new website aimed to clarify Ottawa’s wireless policies.


Conservative Party Email: “Government Will Not Back Down” vs Big 3 Carriers

The latest email to Conservative Party of Canada members reiterates Ottawa will not back down to Rogers, Telus and Bell.

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Koodo Promo: $55 Unlimited Plan with 5GB Data–Only in SK, MB

Koodo has pushed out a $55 per month unlimited plan with 5GB data only for Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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First Look: Anti-Verizon Protest Underway in Downtown Toronto [PICS]

A protest by Unifor, Canada’s largest union is underway to protest against Verizon.


Prime Minister Harper Denies Verizon Was Given Unfair Advantage

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says no advantages or loopholes were made to favour Verizon Wireless.

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Bell Denies Emails by President to CTV Was for Pro-Wireless Coverage [PICS]

Bell has responded to allegations its president had emailed company news outlets for favourable wireless coverage.


TELUS Takes Federal Government to Court Over Wireless Policy–Again

TELUS is once again trying its luck in court to persuade Ottawa to reverse its wireless policies.