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Rogers/Fido Network Experiencing Outages, Incoming Calls and Texts Affected [u]

Fido is experiencing some network issues at the moment.


Rogers Q2 2015: Profits Down 10% Compared to Last Year

Rogers reports second quarter earnings.


CIBC TELUS Rewards Visa Card Launches Promo, New In-Store Approvals

A new promo has launched for applications of the CIBC TELUS Rewards Visa card.

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Fido Adds $50 Tab24 300MB Pulse Plan, New 100MB Data Plan

Fido has updated its Pulse Plans page with some “limited time offers”.


Rogers Activates AWS-1 LTE Spectrum in BC and Alberta, Doubling Speeds [u]

Rogers has launched the AWS-1 spectrum it acquired from Shaw in BC and Alberta.

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Rogers, TELUS and Bell Tie for First in Edmonton Network Performance Tests

Rootmetrics has concluded the ‘Big 3’ have a three-way tie in Edmonton for mobile network coverage.


Quebecor Submits NHL Expansion Bid, Plans to Bring the Nordiques Back

Quebecor has announced it has submitted its bid to bring the NHL back to Quebec City.

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Poor Fido Network Coverage Leads to $585 Cancellation Fee for Montreal Woman

Poor Fido network coverage leads to $585 cancellation fee for Montreal woman.

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TELUS Says Their ‘Neighbourhood’ Forums Will Help Customers Get Answers [VIDEO]

TELUS wants its customers to know they can get answers from their new Neighbourhood forums.

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Rogers Explains Why You Should Use their Community Forums [VIDEO]

A new video explains the benefits of the Rogers Community Forums.


SaskTel Launches Novatel 6630 Global 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

SaskTel customers can now purchase the Novatel 6630 global mobile hotspot.


NFL Wants Say in Bell’s Court Battle vs CRTC Over Super Bowl Ads

The NFL wants to explain to a Canadian court why the CRTC ban on Super Bowl simsubs is wrong.