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2015 Global 100 ‘Most Sustainable Corporation’ List Names TELUS as Recipient

TELUS has announced it has been named to a list of one of the world’s most sustainable businesses.


Mobilicity Seeks Financing to Bid on AWS-3 Spectrum

Struggling Mobilicity is requesting to court for another stay of legal proceedings against it until May 8, with plans to participate on the AWS-3 spectrum auction.


Rogers vs Ontario: Tax Battle Ensues Over $24 Million Private Jet Purchase

Rogers is appealing a $2 million tax assessment on a private jet it purchased 8 years ago.


End of TELUS Pager System Causing Rural Quebec Communities to Worry

Some Quebec rural communities are worried about the TELUS pager system ending.

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Rogers’ shomi Signs Exclusive to Air Amazon TV Shows in Canada

Rogers’ shomi streaming service has announced it has signed on to debut original Amazon TV content.


Rogers Waives Early Upgrade Fees if Users Renew to ‘Share Everything’ Plans

Rogers looks to push their Share Everything plans on legacy customers by waiving early upgrade fees.

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Rogers Adds Deutsche Telekom Executive to Lead Consumer Business Unit

Rogers has added another executive to its team, this time recruiting from overseas.

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Bell Launches New Travel Data Passes with LTE Roaming, Starts at $30 for 100MB

Bell has announced new Travel Data passes for those looking to roam internationally.

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WIND Mobile to Mobilicity Users: Switch and Get 6 Months Unlimited Talk, Text, Data

WIND Mobile has offered an aggressive plan to court over Mobilicity customers.

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TELUS My Account iPhone App Update Fixes Prepaid Top-Up, Travel Pass Bugs

TELUS has updated their My Account iPhone app with some bug fixes and improvements.

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Police Forces Refuse to Pay Rogers Fees for Tracking Suspects’ Smartphones

RCMP refuses to pay Rogers’ fees for tracking suspects’ smartphones.


Shaw’s Internet Price Hikes Could Have ‘Big 3’ Follow Suit, Says OpenMedia

Shaw has raised the prices of its home internet plans.