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Rogers Q1 2016: 14,000 New Postpaid Subs, Wireless Revenue Up 5%

Rogers reported its first quarter earnings.


Bell Uses Pepperoni Pizza to Explain Wireless Network Coverage [VIDEO]

Your wireless network needs more pepperoni, according to the latest ad from Bell.


CRTC-Mandated ‘Skinny’ TV Packages Seen as Flop as Sign Ups Low

The 66,000 Canadians who signed up for CRTC-mandated “skinny TV” packages account for only 0.57% of all cable subscribers.


TELUS Launches VoLTE in B.C.’s Lower Mainland

TELUS has announced VoLTE is now available for customers in the Lower Mainland.


TELUS to Axe T-UP! Early Upgrade Program Next Week

The T-Up! upgrade program from TELUS will end early next week.


Over 60% of Canadians Say their Cellphone Plan is “Too Expensive”: Angus Reid

A new poll by Angus Reid has reiterated what we already know: cellphone plans aren’t cheap in Canada.


TELUS to Invest $1 Billion in Ontario to Extend LTE Network and More

TELUS has announced more plans to invest in building up its infrastructure, this time in Ontario.


CRTC Public Hearings Begin Over Affordable Internet and More

CRTC’s Let’s talk broadband public hearing begins today.


Rogers Promo: 3GB Data Bonus on Tablet BYOD or EasyPay Tablet

If you’re about to add a tablet to your Share Everything plan or start one on contract, there’s a new Rogers bonus data promo.


Bell Digs Up Toronto Woman’s Lawn, Breaks Water Line, Leaves Her the Bill

One woman was surprised when she came home to a massive pit in her front lawn.


Bell Was Entitled to Expired Prepaid Card Cash, Appeal Court Rules

Bell Canada was entitled to the expired prepaid card cash, Appeal Court ruled.


TELUS to Invest $4.5 Billion in BC, Alberta to Expand LTE and More

TELUS has announced its future spending plans for the provinces of BC and Alberta.