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TELUS In-Store Appointments Expand Nationwide for Customers to Bypass Lines

TELUS has announced its in-store appointments are now available Canada-wide.

fido byod end.png

Fido, Virgin, Koodo End $45 BYOD Promo Ahead of 3-Year Contracts Ending June 3

Ahead of June 3, which marks the end of 3-year contracts, promo BYOD plans have ended from the Big 3.

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MyRogers for iPhone Updated with New Design, iPhone 6 Support

Rogers has updated their MyRogers iPhone app with a new design and support for iPhone 6 models.


Shomi’s Public Launch Won’t Stop CRTC from Hearing Subscriptions Complaint

The CRTC will continue to accept complaints

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‘Livid’ Letterman Fans Complain to CRTC as Rogers, Shaw Cut Off Ending of Final Show

The final minutes of the last Late Night with David Letterman show was cut off by simsubs from Rogers and Shaw.

2015 CA Wireless PE Rank 1

Virgin Mobile Tops JD Power’s Wireless Purchase Satisfaction Survey

Virgin Mobile tops JD Power’s wireless purchase experience satisfaction survey.


CCTS Finally Provides Analysis on How Wireless Code Will Affect Three-Year Contracts

Starting June 3, 2015, Canadian wireless customers with active three-year contracts will be able to walk away without paying early cancellation fee.


Cellphone Users Now Have Power to Get Rogers, TELUS and Bell to Compete: PIAC

With the ‘Double Cohort’ set to be free as of June 3, 2015, wireless carriers are ready to compete.


Telcos Fail to Manage Canadians’ Personal Information Responsibly: Report

Telcos fail to handle Canadians’ private information responsibly, report reveals.


Rogers Says shomi to Publicly Launch in Summer, No Cable Subscription Required

Rogers says shomi will exit its beta stage and be available to all this summer.

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TELUS Launches New International Travel Passes, Europe Passes Updated

TELUS has announced new international travel passes are available, while its Europe passes get an update.

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Unadvertised $45 Fido Plan with 1GB Data Adds Voicemail, International Texts Like Koodo

If you’re looking at jumping on one of the $45/1GB promo plans, it’s possible to get Fido to throw in voicemail and international texts.