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Koodo Offers $48/5GB Loyalty Promo Plan to B.C., Alberta and Ontario [u]

Looks like Koodo Mobile is trying even harder to keep customers from leaving to rival carriers.


Rogers Promo: Ignite Gigabit Internet + Popular TV Bundle for $99.99/month

Rogers has a Black Friday offer where Ignite Internet and Popular TV can be had for $99.99 per month on contract.


Virgin Mobile Home Internet Launches in Quebec

Virgin has launched its Home Internet offering to Quebec.


Rogers Black Friday Deals Posted: $100 Credit with Online Device Purchases and More

The Rogers website has posted what it says are Black Friday Deals.


Bell-MTS Deal Reportedly in Limbo, Shaw Has Potential to Step In: Report

Shaw has the potential to save the Bell-MTS deal.


WIND Mobile is Now ‘Freedom Mobile’, Offers $40/6GB Promo LTE Plan [u]

WIND Mobile is no longer–it’s now Freedom Mobile.


Public Mobile SIM Cards Hit Craigslist for Up to $50 Each

Some resellers are looking to profit off the hysteria with Public Mobile’s $38/4GB plan.


Fido Stores See Massive Lines for $40/4GB Plan in Vancouver [PICS]

Looks like people really want that $40/4GB plan from Fido.


Telus Shuts Down Koodo $48/5GB Manitoba Plan Loophole

If you’re “moving” to Manitoba for the Koodo $48/5GB plan, think again.


Public Mobile SIM Cards Sell Out in Vancouver Today, Line Ups Nationwide [PIC]

Looks like there’s still lots of demand for Public Mobile’s $38/4GB promo plan.


Virgin Mobile Brings Back 2GB Data Add-On for $5 Per Month

If you’re looking to add an extra 2GB of data to your monthly plan with Virgin, you can do so for $5.


Fido Launches $40/4GB Plan to Target Public Mobile’s $38/4GB Promo [u]

Fido has jumped on board matching a plan offered by Public Mobile.