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TELUS to Invest $1.6 Billion in Quebec, Upgrade All Wireless Sites to 4G LTE

TELUS says it will upgrade all wireless sites in Quebec to 4G LTE, part of a $1.6 billion investment in the province.


TELUS to Invest $4 Billion in BC, Upgrade Every Wireless Site to 4G LTE

TELUS has announced details of how it plans to enhance its services in BC.

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TELUS, Koodo iPhone 6 Prices Increase, Now Starting at $350 on Contract

TELUS has finally increased their iPhone 6 prices, in line with other carriers.


TELUS to Upgrade All Wireless Sites to LTE in Alberta, Part of $4.2B Investment

TELUS has announced new investment in Alberta, which includes plans for province-wide LTE upgrades.


TELUS to Rebrand Koodo Next Month, Bring New Plans and Look

Koodo Mobile is set to undergo a brand overhaul next month.

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Koodo Self Serve App 3.0 for iPhone Launches, Brings New Redesign [PICS]

TELUS-owned Koodo has launched a new redesigned version of its self serve iPhone app.


TELUS Cell Towers Cause Concern for Residents in Vancouver’s West End

New cell towers installed by TELUS in Vancouver’s West End has some residents concerned about their safety.

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TELUS Holds Sale on Cellular iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

Apple’s iPads are on sale from TELUS via their Easy Tablet payment plan.

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TELUS Launches In-Store Appointment Service to Bypass Waiting in Line

TELUS has debuted a new appointment service for a more personalized customer experience in-store.

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TELUS Pre-Owned iPhone 6 Available Starting at $150 on Contract

If you’re desperate for an iPhone 6 and are willing to sign a contract, some pre-owned offers from TELUS are available.


TELUS Wireless Service Now Live on Highway 33 Between Kelowna and Beaverdell

TELUS has continued its wireless expansion in B.C. as part of a partnership with the province.


TELUS Eliminates Incoming SMS Fee When Traveling Outside Canada

TELUS has announced SMS fees have been axed for incoming messages while roaming outside Canada.