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TELUS Launches ‘Premium Plus’ Plans: Lower Upfront Costs, But More Over 2 Years

TELUS has launched Premium Plus plans, offering customers lower upfront costs but a higher monthly bill.


Koodo Promo: $40 Unlimited Canada-Wide with 2GB Data, Quebec-Only

Koodo has a new promo plan targeting customers in Quebec.


TELUS Details Harrowing Battle to Keep Services Online in Fort McMurray

TELUS and Shaw have crews working overtime in efforts to keep services online amidst uncontrollable forest fires in Fort McMurray.

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Koodo Promo: $32 Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling Plan with 500MB [Quebec]

Koodo has launched a new unlimited Canada-wide calling plan in Quebec.

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Koodo Referral Credit Bonus Returns: Now $50 Each Until May 31

If you are looking to refer a friend to Koodo, you can now get double the referral bonus credit.


TELUS Investments to Expand LTE Networks in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary

TELUS has detailed its planned spending for LTE network expansion in three Canadian cities.

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TELUS Promo: $200 Off New Smartphone If Added to Home Bundle

TELUS has launched a new promo targeting existing residential customers, to add mobile lines to their accounts.


Smart Home Technology Adoption Growing Rapidly in Canada: Telus

A recent study commissioned by TELUS reveals that a rapidly increasing number of Canadians want smarter homes.


TELUS Launches VoLTE in B.C.’s Lower Mainland

TELUS has announced VoLTE is now available for customers in the Lower Mainland.


TELUS to Axe T-UP! Early Upgrade Program Next Week

The T-Up! upgrade program from TELUS will end early next week.


TELUS to Invest $1 Billion in Ontario to Extend LTE Network and More

TELUS has announced more plans to invest in building up its infrastructure, this time in Ontario.


TELUS to Invest $4.5 Billion in BC, Alberta to Expand LTE and More

TELUS has announced its future spending plans for the provinces of BC and Alberta.