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Telus Customer Service Agent Gives Woman’s Cellphone Info to Her Stalker

One Telus customer service employee accidentally handed over personal info without


Koodo’s Refer-a-Friend Promo is Back, Now Double Credits at $50 Each

If you’re looking to sign up to Koodo, find a friend first and get $50.


TELUS VoLTE Expands to Montreal as Users See Setting Available on iPhone

Telus wireless customers are now seeing VoLTE available in Montreal.


TELUS PureFibre Internet Launches Officially in BC and Alberta

TELUS has announced PureFibre has launched, officially.


Koodo Mobile Boxing Day Sale: $65 Plan with 6GB Data and $120 Credit [u]

Koodo Mobile has an in-store offer only for customers in Ontario.


TELUS Mobile Connect Pilot Offers Participants $20 in Starbucks Cards

If you want to give Mobile Connect a try with TELUS, you can get $20 in Starbucks cards.


Koodo Promo: $55 Canada-Wide Calling Plan with 8GB Data for Quebec

Koodo has launched a new promo for mobile users in Quebec.


TELUS Launches WiFi Calling with iOS 10.2, VoLTE and VoWiFi Coming [u]

TELUS has enabled Wi-Fi Calling in its latest 27.1 carrier update.


TELUS My Account for iPhone Gets Brand New Design

TELUS has updated their My Account app for iPhone with an all-new design.


Koodo Deal: iPhone 6s 128GB for $633 Outright, 30% Off vs Apple

If you’re looking for a deal on an iPhone 6s from Koodo, this is the one.


Koodo Offers $48/5GB Loyalty Promo Plan to B.C., Alberta and Ontario [u]

Looks like Koodo Mobile is trying even harder to keep customers from leaving to rival carriers.


Public Mobile SIM Cards Hit Craigslist for Up to $50 Each

Some resellers are looking to profit off the hysteria with Public Mobile’s $38/4GB plan.