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The Source: Apple iPod nano 7th Gen for $75 After Coupon Code [u]

If you want a seventh generation iPod nano, act quickly if you want one for $75.92!

ipod touch 32gb 5th gen.png Refurbs: 5th Gen 32GB iPod touch Now in Stock for $209

If you’re looking for a refurbished iPod touch, has 5th gen units available.

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How the iPod touch is the Most Secure Way to Communicate

How to turn your iPod Touch into a secure communication device.

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Apple to Shuffle iPod Displays Next Week at Retail Stores

Apple will relocate iPod stock to accessory shelves in Apple Stores next week in the US.

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Best Buy ‘Final’ Clearance: Apple’s 4th Generation iPod Shuffle for $39.97

If you’re looking to get an iPod Shuffle, Best Buy is clearing out fourth generation models.

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Speed Tests Compare 2015 iPod touch vs Five Previous Generations [VIDEO]

If you want to know how the latest iPod touch compares versus previous generations, check out this video.

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[u] Hands-On with Apple’s New iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle [VIDEOS]

Here are some first hands-on videos with Apple’s new iPods.

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New A8-Powered iPod touch Benchmarks Reveal Lower CPU Speed vs iPhone 6

Apple’s new iPod touch has already undergone the first benchmark test.

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Apple Launches New iPod touch Starting at $249 CAD; Nano, Shuffle Updated [u]

Apple has officially announced a new iPod touch to its lineup.


[u] Apple Online Store Goes Down Ahead of Imminent Launch of New iPods [DETAILS]

Apple’s online store is down as new iPods are imminent.


Apple to Announce New iPod Touch, Nano, and Shuffle Around July 14 [Rumour]

Apple said to announce new iPod touch, nano and shuffle around July 14.


iPods in Yet Unreleased Colours Spotted in iTunes 12.2

iPods in new colours spotted in iTunes version 12.2.