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iPods in Yet Unreleased Colours Spotted in iTunes 12.2

iPods in new colours spotted in iTunes version 12.2.


Apple’s New 16GB iPod touch Now Available in Canada for $219

Apple’s new iPod touch is now available for purchase in Canada.


iFixit Performs Teardown of New 16GB iPod touch with iSight Camera [PICS]

iFixit has performed a teardown of the new 16GB iPod touch with camera.


Apple Launches 16GB iPod touch with Camera for $219 CAD, Drops 32GB/64GB Prices

Apple launches 16GB iPod Touch in the US priced at $199.

0 Refurbs: 16GB 5th Generation iPod touch Finally Arrives for $189

Apple’s 16GB iPod touch, which debuted in 2013, has finally hit the refurb store.

0 Refurbs: 32GB, 64GB iPod touch 5th Gen Models Back in Stock has restocked refurbished 5th generation iPod touch units.


Apple Price Drops Refurbished 5th Gen iPod touch to $219, $299

Apple has dropped the price on its refurbished 32GB and 64GB iPod touch models by $30.


iPhone 5S Space Gray Colour Option Comes To iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle

The online Apple Stores now list the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle as available for purchase in the new Space Gray colour as well.


Get Ready To Kiss The Click Wheel iPod Classic Goodbye

A new iPod classic is one thing we’re not expecting to see at next week’s Apple event


16GB iPod touch 4th Generation on Sale for $169.99 at Future Shop

If you’ve been waiting to buy the older fourth generation iPod touch for the kids, this might be your chance.


See How Big A Stack Of Vinyl Fills Up A 160GB iPod With Music

An interactive website demonstrates how big a stack of vinyl would fill up a 160GB iPod with music.


Border Agency Decides To Drop Certificate Requirement For iPod Importers

The Canada Border Services Agency has decided to drop the end-use certificate requirement to import iPods or other music devices duty-free.