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SpringBoard Rotator for iPhone

Developer limneos has released a new tweak for the iPhone and iPod Touch …


Geohot Is Back! Untethered For All!

George Hotz, the original iPhone unlocker, made a quick post on his …


f0recast Released for Mac!

iPhone hackers iH8sn0w have released a Mac version or their popular Windows …


SpringBoard Rotator Brings Another Piece of the iPad to the iPhone

Developer limneos has annouced a new tweak for the iPhone 3GS called …


WiFiFoFum Released for Free, in Cydia

t was recently reported that Apple has started pulling all WiFi finder apps from the App Store, due to an issue with an undocumented, private API being used in some of these apps. Developer Aspecto Software has decided to go the jailbreak route, and release their app, WiFiFoFum in Cydia, for Free.


L5 Remote, for iPhone Coming Soon!

At CES 2010, L5 Technologies announced their “L5 Remote“, for iPhone and …


Gull1hack Jailbreak is a Fake

Hey everyone, Just quick note to warn you all about the supposed …


Bluetooth File Transfer for iPhone with “iBlueNova 2.0”

I remember, about 4 years ago, when I had my little Sony …


Find My iPhone Now Accessible On iPhone Safari

MobileMe subscribers will be happy to know that the Find My iPhone …


South Korea Loves Their iPhone Sausage Parties!

Umm…say what?! Don’t worry, this post is safe for work. Let’s move …


How To: Change the Names of Your SMS Tones

Hey, everyone. Rorypiper, again. Got a great tutorial this week, that will …


Cydia App Review: iShakeLock

The iPhone has an Accelerometer. What that means is, when you rotate, shake, …