Contest: Enter to Win an Unlocked 16GB iPhone 5c!


We currently have an unlocked 32GB gold iPhone 5s giveaway underway, which has exploded in popularity. Since we’re so awesome at, we have decided to give away a 16GB unlocked iPhone 5c (your choice of colour) along with our friends Big Fish Games, makers of hit iOS apps such as Fairway Solitaire.

We partnered with BFG last year to give away a 5th gen iPod touch but this year we’ve upped the prize to a 16GB unlocked iPhone 5c ($599+ tax value), the colour of your choice:

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Example photo: This could be your future iPhone 5c, completely unlocked and free in your precious hands!

Want to win a free iPhone 5c? It’s easy! Big Fish Games wants you to try one of their newest iPad games Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! HD (Zx3) and share your high score. The game is a free download which is supported by in-app purchases if you wish to upgrade your weapons and more.


Zx3 is a new type of Big Fish game as it has guns and features Match-Z action, a new kind of Match-3 gameplay. Users can upgrade their weapons to kill zombies as there are over 100 levels with 30 types of different zombies, which can be killed in over 50 different ways.


The game was shown off at PAX last month in Seattle (also where BFG is located), where over 2000 people tried the game and loved it! Zx3 is now available exclusively in Canada as part of a soft launch. The game also features social leader boards to track your score against your friends.


Here’s the official promo video for Zx3 which shows off its fun gameplay:

How to Enter to win an Unlocked 16GB iPhone 5c ($599+tax value)

Step 1. Click here to download Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! HD on your iPad (122MB).

Step 2. Connect to the game with your Facebook account. Play the game and reach the highest level possible before the October 20, 2013 contest deadline. You have 9 days to get the highest score possible before anyone else!

Step 3. Take a screenshot of your highest level reached on the pre-level loading screen and email to the address listed in Step 4.

Below is where you need to take your screenshot as it shows Facebook is connected and your highest level reached:

Photo 1 1

How to take a screenshot in iOS? Press the Home button quickly followed by the Sleep/Wake button (top right of your iPad). The screen will ‘flash’ to confirm and the image will be saved to your Camera Roll.

Step 4. Email your screenshot to Subject line should be your level reached, plus also include your Facebook email so they can verify your submission.

Rules for this Contest:

  • Winner gets an unlocked 16GB iPhone 5c in the colour of their choice!
  • In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by a random draw.
  • Open to players in Canada only (great odds!).
  • Contest deadline: email submissions must be received BEFORE 11:59PM PST on Sunday, October 20.

That’s it! Good luck and happy zombie smashing!


  • Tired8281

    🙁 I don’t have an iPad.

  • Time to get one 😉

  • Nadeem Siddiqi

    This iphone is the bomb

  • xxxJDxxx

    Always disappointed when these contests force you to advertise their products on your facebook page in order to enter.

  • I hear your frustration. But you could win a pretty awesome prize so maybe it could be worth it. When companies sponsor up a big prize like this social sharing is just one entry requirement.

  • Erik Kappel

    “In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by a random draw.” I’m confused, is the winner determined by who gets the highest score?

  • Yes. People need to email in their highest level completed.

  • Erik Kappel

    Thanks, still not 100% clear though. So if I play one level of this game, essentially I am not in the draw, correct?

  • Correct. This contest is for whoever makes it to the highest level in the game. You email your screenshot as proof. Since it’s canada only, and limited to iPad I’m guessing descent odds here 🙂

  • Captain Travis

    Don’t be fooled, this game is much much harder than it looks :/

  • Wonder who will get the highest score!

  • Captain Travis

    This game is ridiculous, like all free games now you have to pay a ton to succeed. As for myself, 6 dollars later I’m still stuck on the same level. This game really needs some balancing.

  • This is good feedback and we will make sure BFG will know about it.

  • Captain Travis

    Thank you, some levels are just too hard

  • jabohn

    Too bad it limits you to iPad only. Maybe next time pick a game that can include more people?

  • This is good feedback, thanks. At the same time, the odds are pretty good for the winner right now 🙂 Time to go borrow someone’s iPad 😉

  • Captain Travis

    What levels are you guys at?/ what kind of levels do you expect to see in the end?

  • Captain Travis

    When do we find out who wins?

  • Shortly after it’s over.

  • Captain Travis

    So like this week?

  • Yes. Once I hear back from BFG.

  • Captain Travis

    I hope level 9-2 is enough…

  • Deshawn

    I don’t have a iphone 5c blue

  • Roger

    To expensive !!!!!!!!!

  • Michael James Sturm

    Gary I am on level 12 its a pretty good game and challenging I like what u put in to it and good luck on poblishing ur game

  • kylie

    does this even work dude ?