GIVEAWAY: 4 x Spigen SGP iPhone 5S Tough Armor Cases [Enter To Win]



To celebrate the launch of Official Spigen Amazon Canada Store, iPhone in Canada has partnered with Spigen to giveaway 4 x iPhone 5/5S Tough Armor Cases (review here). Spigen has recently grown to attract a lot of Canadian customers, thanks in part to our in-depth reviews, and is therefore now officially selling through its Amazon Canada Store to save on shipping costs and time for them. Also, it would be perfect to grab a decent case for that shiny new iPhone 5S you might plan on buying this Friday.

So here’s how it works. Each participant is allowed a maximum of 5 entries with each option worth 1 entry. Simply follow the instructions below to register your entries.


[UPDATE] Winners Announcement:

Here are the Names of our 4 winners:

  1. Chris Bayliss
  2. Dan Fox
  3. Guy Soulliere
  4. Horace Luk

Congratulations to our lucky winners and many thanks to everyone who participated!

PS – Currently these cases are 50% off in our Deals Store!


  • Arcsvibe

    Nice contest! I’m looking for a new case 🙂

  • MatthewSantoro

    Entered all 5! This would look great on my soon-to-be-mine iPhone 5S. If I win I’m going to make a video about it! 😀

  • Farids

    Entered all 5!! Thank you for the contest! Thank you for a great website!

  • prybar

    What an amazing case! The review was VERY well written, and my gold 64gb needs a kickass case to protect it.

  • Winners announced!