Giveaway! iSkin revo4 for iPhone 4


To celebrate the end of daylight savings (why not, right?), we’ve got another giveaway for you. You may remember a while back, we posted a review for some new iPhone 4 cases from iSkin. We reviewed the iSkin solo and the iSkin revo4. Both are excellent cases, and we’ve decided to give one away to one of our lucky readers!

The iSkin revo4 offers excellent full body protection, with hard, clear, screen protection, for your iPhone 4.

True to the original revo’s award-winning design, the new revo4 delivers effective protection in a sleek, bulk-free package.

A two-tone design effectively accents the screen’s borders. The subtly textured side and rear accents add a confident, ergonomic grip to its artfully sculptured surfaces.

The revo4 arrives in four handsome duotones: Nighthawk (Dark Brown + Black), Falcon(Dark Brown + White),Lush (Pink + Black), Hornet (Dark Brown + Yellow).

The one we have is the “Nighthawk” model. It has a $40 value and we are just giving it away!

So, how can you win this great case? Here’s the rules and how to enter:

  1. You must own an iPhone 4. (this case won’t fit any other model)
  2. Follow us on Twitter: @iphoneincanada and @rorypiper (appreciated, but not necessary).
  3. Comment below, telling us why you need a new case for your iPhone 4. Make sure you include your email address, so we can contact you, if you’re chosen.

I’ll be judging which comment I like best. Bribes will not be accepted. 😛 We just want some great stories to share with our community. The contest is open until Wednesday, November 10th, at midnight. Good luck, everyone!

Written by Mike McKinnon


  • What a celebration for the end of DST! W00t! 🙂

  • Anum Vighio

    I am from Pakistan. I own an iPhone 4 and I’ve been looking for cases in my country. I don’t have too many too choose from. It’s hard to find Bumpers here even. I don’t have a credit card and my debit card does not let me make purchases online. So if you’re shipping anywhere in the world, I definitely deserve this case!!

  • Jonathan

    The iSkin revo4 had caught my eye ever since the case was first released. I like how the design the of the case is very simple yet sturdy-looking. Another “pro” of the revo4 is that the case encloses around the touch screen, offering full body protection. What I don’t like about most cases is that they are too bulky on the iphone 4. This case would most certainly meet my expectations of an excellent case.

  • David

    I baught 7 iPhone cases for my 3G and I really don’t want the same for the 4..

  • Punkd09

    I was at the roughrider game lastnight, and was reaching into my pocket for my iPhone just as the riders scored a TD… well as I leap to my feet my phone goes flying and lands on the cement! I was scared to look, and assumed it was shattered into 100 pieces. Luckily only had a few scratches on the back and some nasty gouges on the band.

    This cannot happen again! Next time I won’t be as lucky! Please please I need a case!

  • Adrian

    i want a new case because my iphone is my baby and i dont want it getting hurt

  • The case I’m rocking right now is my pocket. It was the cheapest case I could find.

  • Martinmo1970

    I need one because of my job where I work in my towns sewage network and I really don’t want any shit on my iPhone.

  • Dugas Etienne

    Well…cause my phone is shining new And it does not like being naked since its getting cold out there!

  • Sleemans24

    This case would go a long way to protecting my iPhone 4.

  • Jtabula5

    I need a new case because I’ve gone through TWO default cases….both are broken =(

  • Ianbaran

    I need a Solid case to protect my iPhone 4 from my 2 year old trying to watch Dora on it

  • Anonymous

    There is a possibility I may be taking my iPhone 4 into a harsh environment, and as I’ve owned a iSkin revo before (my 3G’s last case was an iSkin revo) I know it will do the job of protecting it.

  • J Warwani

    Two days ago, I left my home at 6:30 to get the school, iPhone in my pocket, just like any other normal day. And being winter, it was dark. I live sort of far from my school, and in a very suburban area. I usually get a ride halfway to school, but my dad was on a business trip, which happens quite often, so I had to go the entire journey on my own. It being so early in the day, I first have to bike about 10 minutes to get to a bus stop where I can park my bike and catch a bus. The bike ride went without any mishaps. I then use 2 buses, a subway ride, and 2 more buses before reaching school. Yeah, my travel sucks that much 🙁
    At school, it was another normal day. I am in high school, but because I am taking an AP course, we have early morning lectures. For us, class starts at 8:20. For others, it starts at 8:50. The day slowly went by. After school, which ends at 3:00 for regular kids, we have a lab period, which ends at 4:45. I finally get to leave school and start my journey home by 5pm.
    Traveling the same route back home means I reach by around 7pm. By now, in the winter, it’s dark. Yes, I leave home in the dark and get back in the dark.
    So yes, my life kinda sucks. What does this have to do with the case? Not much really. Just trying to gain some pity points 😛
    Although for the case, the one I currently own doesn’t work well with the invisible shield. It ruins the shield 🙁 So I’m hoping to win this other one, which looks really good and is more protective than the one I have right now so it doesn’t need the invisible shield on.

  • Shane

    I need a new case because my crappy belkin micra is slippery and I’ve dropped my phone too many times for my liking

  • Julien

    I need one to raise the level of awesomeness of my new iPhone 4 !! Thanks !

  • I owned a first generation iPhone that was purchased in the USA when they first came out.
    It wasn’t until about two weeks ago when I finally upgraded and got the iPhone4. woot.

    Anyway in the 2something years that I owned my original iPhone, I only dropped it maybe 3 times. The screen is perfect on that phone, and I never ever used a case! I purchased a pink Incipio case for my new iPhone and, unfortunately, I’ve dropped it 3 times outside on the pavement in the mere two weeks I’ve had it! The big issue with this case is that it’s very smooth and the times I’ve dropped it is because I’ve reached in my pocket and it just slipped out of my hands and smacked against the pavement. I’ve got a few scars on the edge of the phone where this case does not protect it. sad face.

  • The1drunkduck

    The case I got through the Apple Antennagate Program does not play nice with my invisible shield, so a case such as one from the fine folks at Iskin would be muchly appreciated!

  • Gooner

    easy peasy the case i got from apple is awful and the iSkin cases are far superior in my prior experience. No long story needed

  • Badru Sadru

    I need a new case since I don’t have one – the scratches are piling up.

  • Mike

    i want it!

  • Calgary

    a need a case that protects my phone when working, its made of glass which can be scratched or broken. It can be dropped, it can happen to any of use.

  • Dirt squirrel

    I need this case cuz I’m a yutz that continually drops my phone. Fortunately it has been on softer elements this far such as carpets and piles of clothing, so I’m hoping I can win a free case before I have to buy one. And before I drop and completely pooch my beautiful piece of electronics.

  • Carlito

    Pick me please I’m using a cheap eBay hard plastic case and can’t forget to mention I love iphoneincanada I was following your tweets all night on July 29 (the night I waited in line for 8 hours to get the phone).

  • Kris

    I Need one for my iPhone because all I’ve got is a cheap plastic case that I got from a random salesman at a mall I live by, and I keep dropping my iPhone and I’m scared for it’s safety

  • Assumes

    This would be an awesome case for me to own. I’ve tried looking all over town here for the solo. I can’t find them. Unfortunately I don’t have a credit card to order one online. If i was chosen i would really be happy. My iPhone 4 will be complete with this wonderful case. I had iskins on my other cases. Feel free to send one up north were I live. Lol. Thanks.


  • Assumes

    This would be an awesome case for me to own. I’ve tried looking all over town here for the solo. I can’t find them. Unfortunately I don’t have a credit card to order one online. If i was chosen i would really be happy. My iPhone 4 will be complete with this wonderful case. I had iskins on my other cases. Feel free to send one up north were I live. Lol. Thanks.


  • Elliot

    Having an Iphone 4 i have the worry of dropping the device, i want to keep it as protected as i can and this seems like its a very durable product, i have a black one now but it doesn’t have a screen protector and i worry i’ll scratch my screen if i put it in my pocket, i take really good care of it and this would help that much more, thank you

  • iPhone Whiz

    I need this case, it looks so smooth and soft, and protector, it’s good stuff too, but for two pieces of plastic, i ain’t paying 20 dollars for them

  • Felix

    I need this case because I need protection for my iphone 4 still =(

  • DoctorT

    i need this because the case i got with the apple case promotion presses the sleep button halfway already and any slight pressure makes the either lock or want to turn off. i used to have iskins for my 3g and 3gs and theyre amazing. so i want to continue the tradition with my iphone 4

  • Mike S

    Well here’s the deal…first of all I am not on twitter otherwise I would follow. But anyway, Ive had my iPhone 4 for about a month now. I just got this new job in which I’m constantly getting dirty from digging into clay, mixing cement and concrete, working in the rain and so on. My iPhone is getting to be a mess even though I leave it in my bag while working However, I would like to get a good case for it but I don’t my first pay for two more weeks and I prob won’t be able to afford one then anyhow. But enough sobbing (boo hoo). That’s the reason I need a case and it could benefit me by helping to keep my new baby clean and help stop anymorescratches from getting on it. Thank you for yo time y’all.

  • Being the accessory junkie that I am, if i won i would show it off to my iPhone friends, perhaps persuading them to buy one of their own, but mine will always be better because its from iphoneincanada lol ^_~


  • Peter Michael

    I need a new case for my iPhone 4. It would be great thank you

  • Yen Chung Ryan Liu

    I like the new case.
    it looks nice on my phone~~~

  • Anonymous

    Omg! I was thinking about buying this case. Not only does it look cool – it’s so thin! I would love the chance to win one. Right now I’m using some cheapo silicon-like case that attracts a bazillion amounts of dust.

  • Ari

    i want one please, the bumper sucks!

  • Anonymous

    I dont need a new case, i NEED a case. Today at work i dropped my brand new iPhone 4 because it slid out of my back pocket and all i heard was SPLAT! The front screen was literally parallel to the ground when it fell rather than at an angle. I am sure if i had a case for my iPhone 4 i wouldn’t have felt as bad.

    Well good luck to me XD BANZAI!!

  • Musiconly_louis

    I have an iphone 4 with a speck hd pixel skin and its way too hard to press on home and the volumn buttons so I deserve a new case.

  • my case is already scratched up from the one time i dropped my phone… i need another case!

    i bet with this case on, i can even throw my phone at people i don’t like, if it ever comes to that…

  • tim

    I like this case as it is more slick. the bulkiness of the other cases doesn’t fly well for me. Its like a G6..

  • Anonymous

    I got one of the free cases from apple, and while it’s nice, it’s not quite what I was looking for… this one looks a bit more my speed!

  • Jedi Hunter

    I need this case because I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok, I sleep all night and I work all day.

  • JML

    I have the other case made ny Iskin for the Iphone4. The EVO case made my short list.

  • lilsaint

    i got my iphone 4 , 2 days ago and im confused of what case to get , anyway if i dont won , can u mention for me some good cases ? ones that fit with the InvisibleShield Full body ??? Thanks …

  • Harjthandi

    I am going to win because they say think positive and good things will happen.

  • Suman

    The free Apple bumper’s nice and all, but I’m afraid of what will happen if I actually drop my phone. (fingers crossed- it hasn’t happened yet!)

    But yeah, I’d be less paranoid and scared with one of these bad boys 🙂

  • Woody Nuts

    I’d love to win because I love winning stuff. Plus my iphone 4 would look WAAAAAY better and help me get dates… Maybe, but probably not.

  • I am a total case junkie and I need another hit.

  • Morse

    I have the same problem with invisible shield too.

  • Chaosonfire

    The case I have has destroyed my Invisishield so I need to find a replacement case for the new shield I have to get.

  • Pookteng

    Hi iphoneincanada.CA,

    i’ve been visiting your website constantly since the iPhone was first in the US before the 3G came in here.

    Anyways, I never participate in contests or giveaways but i thought my story might be more interesting then the other folks 😉

    I own a Dairy Queen and I’ve been working hard (physically and mentally) since I took over the business. For those who knows about running a restaurant, you know your hands never stay dry more than 5 mins. You’re either cleaning an tool, changing an equipment, serving a customer… you are constantly with sanitizer, soap, water, oil, etc… Yet, you are a business man and what other device better than an iPhone to help you run a business? (a Crapberry? get outta here!)

    So personally, I’m not a case person. I like my iPhone 4 naked just like I don’t put a case on my car. BUT, in my working environment, I SHOULD. So in order to save my iPhone 4 from any eventual accident, I’ve been looking around for a case. That one, I like the rubber. It makes it heavy duty (ish).

    Thanks for reading about half of my life.

    Have a great week!


    sorry don’t have a twitter a/c.

  • Trungiie

    Hello there! I need a new case because recently
    i caught a bad habit of leaving my phone on the corner of my bed or table
    Ends up that my iphone 4 falls on the floor. Luckily after all these fails!
    it only sort of scratched a tiny bit on the stainless steel.
    Thank you for all these giveaways!~

  • John

    I really need an iphone 4 case. Went through 3 iphone 4 already. First one dropped in the toilet, second one dropped it, scratched it up, and third one washed it with my pants. Need some good protection for my iphone.

  • Sebastiendg

    My teenage daughter has been using the same “plain” cell phone for years. She’s been wanting an iPhone for years, but my wife and I thought that she was too young to get such an expensive device (not to mention the pricey monthly fees). She kind of gave up on the iPhone idea, and is saving her money to get a Blackberry. So, this X-Mas, we want to surprise her with an iPhone 4! She’s older now (will be an adult when her contract is over) and we believe that she can take good care if the phone. A nice case would help her with that task.

    I actually purchased the phone last week from a Rogers store by fear that they might get hard to get the closer we get to X-Mas. The salesperson told me that they couldn’t delay the activation to December 25th, so I now have to pay for a month and a half of unused airtime and data. This is money that I wanted to put towards accessories (case and screen protector) but that I no longer have. Needless to say, winning this contest would be perfect, and the timing couldn’t be better!…

  • Sean

    I need this case because I currently don’t have any case for my iPhone! Of course, that’s maybe not a big deal since I haven’t received it yet, but it should be on its way. Funny story with that though, I ordered it a week ago, and today see that they have bumped shipping times to 1 week on new orders, yet my shipping date is still 11 days away??? Oh well, I guess that gives you time to get me this case before it gets here. 😉

  • Ian

    I need a more rugged case for camping and biking!

  • Mike


    Been following you on Twitter after discovering the site a few months ago and your tips on finding iphones as well as great commentary and links to iphone apps/news has been addictive. Whenever I tell me friends the latest news or happenings they always ask “Where did you hear that” or “How do you find all these things out?” and I happily point them towards your website and twitter feed. I am a phone junkie (previous blackberry lifer) and my iphone is a big part of my life. I’ve been researching this case and I think it’s the one for me!!! Thanks for helping me protect my by far best mobile investment.

    great1 AT gmail DOT com

  • Aaron

    I own 1 pair of pants. They are very tight and have no pockets. When the iPhone 4 came out I had a choice to make. Buy clothes or get a brand new iPhone. I chose the iPhone and have no regrets, however did I mention that my pants have no pockets? I have to resort to putting my phone in my iron man briefs. My scrotum is severely chaffed and my upper thigh is losing hair due to it getting caught on my mute switch. I’ve tried everything… Transformer underwear, Hot Wheels but they didn’t seem to make much difference. If I don’t hear from you it may be because you need visual proof of my chaffing which I totally understand. One time a lady asked me if she could borrow my phone to make a call. She refused to use it, I think because she holds her phone with her left hand, you know the “death grip”. She obviously didn’t want her call to drop. Anyways, if I don’t hear from you lets say a week after the contest is over then I will send you a picture of my chaffed area because you obviously will need the proof. I’ll take the picture with my iPhone!

  • Bk

    No suck up here. I have my new iPhone for about a month now with clear intention to not use a case at all. I did put a leather skin on the back-side from SGP (for aesthetic reasons only) and the front is bare. Low and behold, I see a hair-thin scratch on it, only noticeable if the screen is off and reflected against the light. I think it is time for a case…

  • Hardev

    Need a case for my iPhone 4 because I don’t have one yet!!!!

  • Paul T

    Hard to compete with Aaron’s chaffed scrotum but I’ll take a stab at it (the competition, not his scrotum).
    I am a senior software develop that, care of layoffs, has now had to assume all tech support duties including managing our fleet of mobile devices. I try to keep our iPhone users (all 6) in the loop by forwarding them relevant RSS feeds I get from your site, but one of my users is pathetic at managing his email and missed my reminder to get his free bumper. He is notorious for destroying his mobile devices (last time he ran over his blackberry) so I’m desperate to give him the crappy bumper I have and take this gorgeous iSkin for myself. I’ve earned it right?

  • Ronnel Cordova

    i wear sweat pants a lot and my iphone 4 always slips out when i sit down!!!
    a case like this would save my life!

  • Mike

    I need a new case to protect my precious iPhone 4 because without I would be lost.

  • Scott

    I travel quite often across the country and end up finding myself in some of the more interesting and remote places in our country. One such place is The Chiefs peak near Squamish, in my 3GS days. Well I guess to be clearer I should say the last of my 3GS days. The hike proved too difficult for my iPhone 3GS and while ascending the final fee meters on peak two the damn thing slipped out of my pocket and fell down a crevice. After a few minutes of swearing and some ingenious recovery skills I retrieved the phone from the crevice; however, the home button ended up being a causalty of the hike.

    Now that I have the iPhone 4 I’m hopeful that history won’t repeat itself. I work for WestJet as an Airside baggage agent at Pearson Airport and find myself using my phone on a daily, if not, hourly basis checking iFIDs, ATC, or weather. My job also sees me running between aircraft, bagrooms, and baggage carts. If any environment can trash a delicate phone it would be YYZ.

    The rugged revo4 series cases look like they could keep up with both my personal and work lives

    The Revo4 will hopefully prevent my iPhone 4’s lifespan from being cut short by British Columbia’s wildlife and mountains.

  • noreallyitsme

    I need/would love this case to protect my iphone4. Sadly I think my days of naked teck are coming to an end

  • I would love this case cuz the one I have is starting to wear. Also I can use this and promote it to my colleagues who also own iPhone 4s so it can be a win win for everyone!

  • Brettscarlett

    i need protection….and lets face it, free is very nice..

  • need to be one with my iphone 4…. this would help :p

  • Need to be one with my iphone 4 … this could help 😛

  • Thanks to my wife I now own an iphone4 (a present for my birthday, a big upgrade from my 3G). I have been trying to keep it as clean and in good shape as possible. I have it in my pocket alot while working and take my phone out every so often to check and see if I damage it. I’m a Auto Technician, I work on cars and my work area is not some place you’ll want to have a phone like the Iphone4 around but I love to have my phone around to check up on text, calls, safari and twitter too much to leave it in my locker. I went to Future Shop and have tried on almost if not.. all the case available there.. end up going home with 4 cases and the invisible shield. I have the full invisible shield on the phone and realize the 4 case I bought don’t go too well with the shield. I end up and I’m currently using the Incase Slide Case. I had to remove the back invisible shield to get the slide case in and knowing that anytime i want the case off.. the invisible shield is gonna come off too. I’m in need of a new case to help protect my Iphone4 from looking like the cars that I have to fix everyday. Sorry for the bad english! and Thank You! for reading!.

  • Sean

    Hey there,

    After times of disappointment of lining up for the phone but couldn’t get it, I finally got my first iPhone two months ago. The iPhone 4 is amazing. It just changes my life completely. An example here, my girlfriend is in Asia while I’m in Canada. Calling her over skype is the first thing in the morning when I wake up at 6:30 am. Before I needed to get off the bed, turn on computer, wait, Z Z Z z z z z z. Now iPhone 4 can just be an alarm and a fone for me. Now I just grab the fone when it rings alarm then make the call, more importantly, I can still lie on bed! But my sleeping mode always makes me drop the fone when trying to grab it. Scratches were found…….sad -.- I need a case! And the bumper sucks. And I love my girlfriend, the iPhone just brings us closer.

  • Mike Brownell

    I soundings to win this case. I have had my iphone4 for 2 weeks now and its my first iPhone product and love it. I’ve been to many stores looking for a good case but can’t find one but this one looks awesome. The crappy thing is that I don’t tweet on twitter do I guess I am out of the contest. If you feel that I am possibly a contender in this contest I would be greatly appreciated of the case

  • Connorslack

    I need thsi case because it looks cool, maybe it will make me cool, lol

  • Sebastiendg


  • Mohamed Fathy

    i would appreciate to include me in your give away offer for the iskin revo4 case for my iphone4 to protect it from any hit or fall if it slip from my pocket while moving plus it looks great and well designed

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to all who entered this giveaway. Congrats to the winner “Sebastiendg”! You have been sent an email. Please respond with your mailing address.

  • Takabastian

    i want to tryyy…… pleaseeeee….

  • Eep!