Contest: Enter to Win an Unlocked 128GB Jet Black iPhone 7


Want to get your grubby little hands on a brand new unlocked iPhone 7? How about the 128GB model in the lustworthy Jet Black high-gloss finish, worth a cool $1,029 CAD?

Iphone 7 contest

You can do so by entering our iPhone 7 giveaway, thanks to our Canadian sponsor Orchard, which makes selling and buying used iPhones really, really easy.

Iphone 7 giveaway

Entering the contest is simpleβ€”just follow the steps below. Gain extra entries by sharing the contest with friends and also following the extra steps, if you choose to do so. The phone will be shipped directly to the lucky winner; you must have a Canadian mailing address.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest ends on September 28, 2016 at 12:00AM PST.

Click here to visit our Orchard page to learn how to buy or sell an iPhone from Canada’s largest reseller. Good luck!


  • Arcsvibe

    Wow that jet black blew me away! Good luck to all!

  • Wynncy Manalad

    Wow….it’s a chance…. at the least. Merci????????

  • Mark Freeman

    This is sweet! I didn’t know this existed! Thanks for the contest and thanks for the info! Seems like the promo code (iphoneincanada) in the Orchard app isn’t working though…?

  • canadan

    Entered, thanks!! promo code does not work though just to let you know

  • Symun

    Ermehgherd! Errrrrrfern shervern!

  • What error are you seeing? Can you email tips @ thanks

  • FragilityG4

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Chris

    Thank you for the wonderful contest and good luck to everyone πŸ™‚
    The Jet black reminds me of my first iPhone, the 3GS

  • TheShay

    Here goes nothing

  • MG

    Got a message saying invalid code the first time, just retried by retesting phone and it now works…

  • Jay

    Heres hoping

  • Thanks, we got it fixed. Cheers and let us know how it goes.

  • Many99

    I want the jet black, I want the jet black, I want the jet black, I want the jet black repeat 1000x , would to love to get this which will then let me give my iPhone 6s to my nephew

  • Miguel Bertrand

    can’t get “bring your friends” to check off! Why is this so hard guys?

  • What browser or device are you using?

  • Thanks, fixed!

  • Miguel Bertrand

    Safari, on a late 2014 MBPr 15″

  • Any screenshot of the error? Maybe try Chrome?

  • Miguel Bertrand

    not an error so much as it just does not check off the first one. I’ll try Chrome

  • Miguel Bertrand

    same thing in Chrome: 2 times now, I’ve tweeted, Facebook posted, emailed, and no joy. “Bring your friends” still unchecked.

  • OK, that’s really weird. Did you do FB login or email? We’ll try to figure it out, worst case scenario we can delete and try again or something

  • Miguel Bertrand

    FB login both times. It’s okay, I’ll try my luck without it. It’s getting a little embarrassing, posting and reposting

  • Anon

    The “Bring your friends” won’t check off, no matter what you do. I Facebook shared, Twittered, and emailed. Nothing. Great way for spam everybody for free, and not get any credit for it.

  • Steve

    The Orchard App is pretty bad. It totally undervalues your phone. You can literally sell it for double on CL than what they offer.

  • It’s Me

    @iphoneincanada:disqus Looking forward to your email letting me know I have won. Great contest!

  • Terry

    I would love to win this!!! Any upgrade from my iPhone 4S would be AMAZING!!! I visit this site every single day!

  • Michel Plante

    Oh It would be nice I never win nothing ????

  • George

    You guys are awesome for doing this πŸ™‚

  • OliChabot

    cool πŸ™‚

  • Dehop

    I copy/pasted the link to a single person, thinking it was a referral link. Guess not.

  • Kim Buckley

    My son would faint if I won this, his iPhone is nearing it’s end and he is a student on a budget..

  • I agree CL can get better value, but this service is geared for those that don’t want to deal with CL punters. So not everybody will want to use Orchard, but there are those that will.

  • Just tested on Chrome on my Mac and it works. What are you using?

  • Deanna Matthews

    It would be great to win this I-Phone. I just got a handmedown 4 with a cracked screen
    and love it but can’t afford a new one! Thanks for having the contest.

  • Mark Freeman

    All fixed! Ready to roll

  • Salinger

    I sold my iPhone 6 with Orchard. They offered me twice what Apple’s trade-in offered.

    Can’t answer the last bonus question because I don’t have an iPhone currently until I get (or win!) my new 7! πŸ™‚

  • I hope I win! Trying…. to… cross… fingers!

  • When I win, I’ll sell you my iPhone 6 64GB! Lol!

  • Salinger

    I used Orchard to sell my 6 and do not think for a moment you would get double what they offered me. I might have gotten an extra $100-$150, maybe, but as Gary said, the ease with which you go through the process, and the guaranteed money in your hand without having to meet some potentially sketchy stranger, was well worth it for me. They did literally offer me double what Apple offered in their trade-in program and were way, way above any other similar service.

  • einsteinbqat

    If I win this, which I highly doubt, I would actually win something from a lottery/draw/contest/similar for the first time ever!

  • Dominic

    So people without Twitter can’t win ?

  • Correct. Small amount of work to win a phone worth $1000+ πŸ˜‰

  • SF1234

    Would love to win this. I love iphoneincanada!

  • BeaveVillage

    Grubby hands eh? I happen to have very clean and pristine hands!

  • Steve

    I guess if you’re super paranoid, or don’t mind losing a few hundred, then yeah, it’s an ok app. I’ve been selling my on iPhone on CL ever since the first iPhone. Not one “sketchy” person ever. In fact, the people I sold it to, happened to be really good-looking females in the early 20’s which placed a big huge smile on my face when they showed up at my doorstep, or when I met them at a coffee shop. BTW, I sold my recent phone for $350 over Orchard’s value, and close to double on the one before.

  • Salinger

    Well, I got $550 from Orchard for my 2 year old iPhone 6 in less than mint condition. You’re telling me I could have gotten “a few hundred more”? So $800+ for a 2 year old used phone that only cost $1.100 when I bought it in 2014? I find that really difficult to believe. I know iPhones hold their value, but not that well.

    As for sketchy people you might meet on CL, you describing how selling your phones to young, good-looking females coming to your door makes you smile, well…. LOL

  • Janice Tam

    Sigh I need this phone. Using a loaner phone note 2 that can’t even download Pokemon go lol

  • Steve

    I sold my iPhone 6 Plus for $900 back in March. I had picked up an iPhone 6S Plus 128 for $950 on CL, the day before LOL. And yes, aside from the 30 something MILF that came with her little daughter to pickup an iPad Air, were all young hot females that purchased my idevices from CL. It helps not being paranoid πŸ™‚

  • Salinger

    So you’re saying you got what, about 85% back of your original cost for a used 1Β½ year old phone? I guess the CL listings wherever you live must be a lot different than here in Toronto.

    I researched Craigslist and eBay before dealing with Orchard, to see if I’d lose too much. The estimate they gave me was right in the ballpark for what similar phones were selling for. Some were a bit higher, but not by a lot. Like I said, CL is dependent on your locale, so obviously iPhones must be hugely scarce in your part of the country to be getting the prices you describe. You can go to CL for Toronto now and look for yourself. You’ll see the $550 I got from Orchard is absolutely reasonable. There’s no way I would get “hundreds” more selling personally.

    I’m not paranoid, I just have no desire to go through extra effort when it’s not necessary for the sake of a few extra dollars. And it would have been a FEW extra dollars. And given the way you talk about women, you’re just the kind of sketchy person I was happy to avoid. πŸ™‚

  • Steve

    Actually, I made about $400 profit on the 6 Plus as I got it under contract subsidy. I figure I can probably sell off this 6S Plus for about the same price I bought it, when I get my iPhone 7 Plus. Location is everything I guess, as well as how you advertise it.

    It took me all of 10 mins to advertise the phone, and arrange meet at a local Starbucks across the street. Hardly any effort.

    Let’s see. I’m a young professional male in my mid-20’s, attracted to the opposite sex (which pretty much describes the whole hetro-male population). Oh no I’m “sketchy” ROLF!

  • Salinger

    I was only kidding. πŸ™‚ But honestly, that you even thought to go on twice about meeting attractive women and “MILF’s” as some kind of added bonus when all we’re discussing are phone prices, yeah, a bit pervy.

  • Symun

    Best phone EVAAAAARRR! Hope I win! ????

  • Greg Joplin

    I would love to win this iphone

  • Eric


  • Farhan

    It will be nice to win this πŸ™‚

  • Zudeo

    I have an iPad but I don’t have an iPhone so I was unable to find that word. Ah well, the app really goes in depth and I like how it does an assessment as you install it. I’ll keep them in mind since I know quite a few people who don’t like dealing with Kijiji, CL or Varage.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I want it.

  • I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t download Orchard for IOS.
    Hopefully this contest changes that!

  • TheOne

    Hi Gary,

    Is it a single entry contest or one can enter multiple times ie. once a day?

  • Patrick Bouchard

    I’m also having trouble getting this to work. Or maybe I don’t understand how the entries are awarded. Do you get them simply for sharing, or when someone signs up for the contest using your link?

  • @Richard_Hansen

    I’m pretty sure that it’s my turn to win πŸ˜‰

  • Sebastien

    A new phone wouldn’t hurt, i’m very excited for this giveaway πŸ˜›

  • Greg Joplin

    I would love to win the IPhone 7

  • markwoodford

    I’m looking forward to winning, I have been an avid fan of this blog since the early iphone days and especially when I got my own iphone 3G shortly after launch in Canada.

  • Rene Tetrault

    Hope I win! Gonna give this to my Girlfriend to get her off Android!

  • skydivertak

    I need a bigger phone to store all those RAW DNG images, LOL!

  • Doug




  • fmgasparino

    Thanks iPhoneInCanada & Orchard! πŸ™‚

  • Amit

    When does the winner get announced?

  • It’s Me

    @gary @iphoneincanada I think I missed your email alerting me that I won. Please resend!


  • cashinstinct

    Who won? I am ready πŸ™‚

  • It’s Me

    Who won? It’s me?

  • Winner announced on main page. Plus on this widget.

  • It’s Me

    Thanks. Does look like you spelled my name wrong though πŸ˜‰

  • Haha. You and everybody else πŸ˜‰