Promo: Get $50 Bonus from WealthSimple and iPhone 7 Draw

Here’s your chance to get a $50 bonus from WealthSimple, plus enter the iPhone 7 draw!

The first was thanks to our friends over at Orchard, the easiest and quickest way to buy and sell iPhones in Canada.

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Today’s promo comes to you from WealthSimple, the largest automated investing service in Canada, which you can manage straight from your iPhone.

They’ve teamed up with us to offer the iPhone in Canada nation a $50 bonus when you register and fund your account. The bonus comes with a cherry on top–a free entry into the 128GB Jet Black iPhone 7 draw.

All you have to do is fund your WealthSimple account as a NEW customer—which also comes with a $50 bonus—then you’ll get the iPhone 7 bonus entry.

Click here to fund your WealthSimple account as a new customer—get your $50 bonus—and gain an entry into the 128GB Jet Black iPhone 7 draw.

The bonus runs from September 21, 2016 until October 12, 2016 at 11:59PM PST. The iPhone 7 bonus winner must have a Canadian shipping address. Good luck!

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  • Mr Dog

    What if I signed up for an account prior to this but never funded it. If I fund it now, will I get entered? 🙂

  • Salinger

    How do we enter without funding an account?

  • Funding a new account is the requirement to enter this contest.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Any limit on the amount of funds we must transfer to be entered?

  • Illegal Contest?

    I didn’t think it was legal to have a contest in Canada that required a purchase….

  • Salinger

    Isn’t requiring a purchase to enter a contest illegal in Canada?

  • Mr Dog

    You are technically not purchasing anything, just investing your money.

  • Janker

    You’re not even investing your money – you just have to fund the account. Can close it after the contest closes and get your money back (minus any fees).

  • MrDPrize

    Where are the rules for the contest?

  • Don B

    Entered! Was always thinking of signing up for wealthsimple but now I have…thanks for the contest.

    For those whining that you can’t enter or asking for rules or whatever…it’s because of you we can’t get nice things. This is a simple contest where if you fund you get entered, so if you don’t want to enter, that’s cool with me, better odds hahah

  • Ian

    Their fees are $8/month from what I can tell…

    Sounds like a very lucrative contest for them… Get 1,000 new subscribers (oooops, people who fund their accounts), and they make $8000 in fees (less x2 iPhones @ $2,300)

    Now if they “subscribe” 10,000 funders…. That’s $80,000 and subtract @ $2,300, and you just made $77,000 from a CONTEST… lol

    Sounds like I’m in the wrong business… lol

  • Salinger

    Yes, that pesky criminal code thing again. Imagine trying to have consumer protection laws in this country. The nerve!

  • Salinger

    The criminal code prohibits a requirement that a product or service be purchased as the sole condition of contest participation. In this case, you may be investing your own money, but you are doing so as a requirement to use their service and thereby enter the contest. It’s illegal, no technicality.

    It’s not a big deal to me, I’d never pursue a complaint or anything, but an investment firm that isn’t aware of this? Red flag.

  • @416ash

    Isn’t illegal to require a purchase for a contest in Ontario. Pretty sure it is. Funding an account, is by definition a purchase since there are fees involved. Pretty sure even WealthSimple and iPhone in Canada are both breaking rules. WealthSimple needs to follow many more regulatory rules. IIROC, FSCO, etc. I’m sure they’ll be interested.

  • FragilityG4

    How long have you been working for wealthsimple?

  • xxxJDxxx

    How do I actually know if I’m entered? I funded my account with some money, but there was no confirmation or anything.

  • Mr Dog

    Except you are not paying them to do nothing. Those fees are not pure profit.

    They are providing a service just like everything else you pay for and take a lot of risk.

  • xxxJDxxx

    So my funds are now in my account. I haven’t received the $50 bonus nor any kind of confirmation of contest entry. What gives??!

  • We’re told the bonus will take a few business days to be deposited. You did sign up with the link provided, correct?