Share: December Accessory Giveaway: ThinSkin For iPhone 4


It’s that time again!

For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways.

It is a segment that will:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more)
  • Be extremely easy to win (usually)
  • Be posted at random

What’s up for grabs today?

Today, I have THREE ThinSkin personalization films to giveaway to readers from our friends over at True Power, Inc.

Today we have the following ThinSkin colors:

  • White
  • Rose Quartz
  • Royal Purple

The ThinSkin films are a great personalization accessory with lots of color choices and a minimal, subtle design.

How to Win

To win, simply comment on the following:

1.) How will the ThinSkin benefit your iPhone 4?

2.) Which color do you want?

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends December 19, 2010 at 3:30AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • Anonymous

    Whiteeee! No more scratches on the aluminium band!!! Yeyyyy

  • Greg Crx

    Well my iPhone is naked right now because my otter ox scratches the stainless so I could use some protection. I would appreciate a white one.

  • L Laurent

    I have a really bulky case and id love to try a skin for my iphone4 n throw this ugly case out!

  • Griff J

    My iPhone 4 wants to sit in a dock so badly but he can’t with the bulky bumper on and he has to have a bumper cause he’s just too shy to go out in public nude… he just refuses to stay connected to calls if hes forced to go nude, poor shy iPhone 4..

    He says he’s like White or Royal Purple if he were to get a new outfit for the holidays.

  • Aleksandra Stalmach

    I am new to the world of iPhone. I was previously a BB owner and as one you could easily just throw it in your purse and be fine. Well no more. I am babying my phone and have been looking for a case for the last few months but they all seem so huge and part of what attracted me to the phone was the thin form.

    I’d love to get the purple or red colored ones you are giving away so I can bring some sass, protection and thinness to my phone since it literally goes everywhere with me. G’luck to all!

  • Jackie Lee

    Always wanted a white iPhone but after using the 3G and now the 4 still unable to get hold of a white. It would definitely be awesome to sport a white ThinkSkin that I have bare right now.

  • Jeff B

    My iPhone is a new born and currently naked, so any colour skin would do to protect him from all the dang snow we’re getting…

  • dieselboy28

    1. The thinskin will benefit my iPhone by making it stand out from everyone else’s iPhone 4.

    2.I’d like the white thinskin.

  • Ty Kosh

    i’d like a white skin, and it would benefit my phone because i don’t like to put thick ugly cases on it.

  • Prefekt

    I think hiding the iPhone in all bulk of a rubber / plastic case is sacrilege. A white ThinSkin would fix that problem just nice-like.

  • Shareski

    Will slip in and out of the pocket much easier. I’ll take the yellow one.

  • Diogo Neves

    It will help me because I don’t have a case and my iPhone gathers a couple of scratches every week :(. It will also help me with the Antennagate issue 🙂

    I want the white one but the purple would be ok as well. Please not the pink 😛

  • Allison J

    The ThinSkin will benefit my iPhone 4 because I’d really like to be able to take it out without a case at all to avoid it being bulky but don’t want to scratch my baby! So a ThinSkin seems like a great compromise. Green would be amazing!

  • Allison J

    Err, reading the actual options for colours is a good idea. By green I meant purple

  • Seiya0917

    White please. So that I can put in on my girlfriend’s iPhone and can tell the difference.
    Hate how there is no white iphone 4

  • Ex


  • I love the idea of a colour accent without covering up the phone. The purple would be an awesome addition to my less-than-a-week-old iPhone! Protection with a flash of style!

  • Bluevektor

    White one please. It will help protect my precious iphone from scratches to its glass back.

  • Belimse

    I have a friend who came to Vancouver alone leaving his wife and son in his country. He used to go back at least once a year; however, he could not go back this time because of financial problem. He feels really gloomy because he cannot spend the Holiday with his family this time. I am sure this skin will make him feel better looking at his colourful iphone4. Rose Quartz will be good becausr it is his favourite colour. Thanks

  • Riffic

    I need something for my phone. Would be a great Christmas present for myself. Any colour is fine, would like white though.

  • Riffic

    I need something for my phone. Would be a great Christmas present for myself. Any colour is fine, would like white though.

  • Trungiiepooh _

    i would love the white one, even tho i never won!

  • donald

    No scratches yet but it’s only a matter of time. No doubt a ThinSkin will delay and/or prevent the inevitable “aurrrgh” moment. Let’s go Royal Purple!

  • SF

    Any skin that I put on my thinnest smartphone in the world should be thin as well 🙂
    I would love to have the white one please.

  • Ronni

    I don’t like bulky cases so this thinskin would be perfect to protect my antenna from scratches. I would love the royal purple please.

  • Elliot

    I would like the royal purple; it would give my phone class and life, not saying the protection i got now is not bad but it’s black and having colour always makes it batter, thanks!

  • Frankie

    I’d like the white one. After waiting for a white iPhone for so long (and finally settling for a black one), I can at least have my iPhone look white. It’s a better choice than painting or bleaching it!!!

  • Denton Louis

    I got the oringinal IPhone when it first came out. That phone was a beauty, the metal backing made that phone near dam indestructible. But after four and half years of service, it died. So I bought the 4 not too long, but the thing is I’m purist like my original and don’t like cases… I know this wouldn’t help that much, but at least some and it’ll make it look different from the rest. 🙂

    Royal purple would be sweet.

  • DSes31

    1) It will benefit me because I will be able to protect my new iPhone 4. I bought an iPhone 4 after the giveway so I am left w/o a case. =(. Winning this would be awesome.

    2)Royal Purple

  • Angelica Jessca D. Manalad

    1. The Thinskin will surely add beauty to my Iphone 4 and add protection as well. Hoping that I could lucky this time and win a contest here. Regards. Happy Holiday!!!

    2. I prefer the Rose Quartz.

  • hk

    I’d love a white one! It would make my iPhone stand out!!!

  • Dave

    1. It’ll make my phone white.

    2. White, of course.

  • 1. It’ll help my iPhone from getting more scuffs cuz I am a clutz
    2. White would make it POP!

    Thanks! I love this site! You are the reason I converted from berry to iPhone!

  • Anonymous

    1) As I drop my iPhone on occasion I’d rather not scuff it up.
    2) White.

  • Nick

    It will protect my phone!

  • Portacio6

    It will help me hide the scratches on my iPhone…… Thanks to my gf hahaha 😛

    White 🙂

  • Eric

    1. It’ll protect my phone from chips and scratches.
    2. White

  • Iamslowlygoingcrazy

    The ThinSkin iPhone for will help me to keep my phone looking like new!

    I would love to show off my ThinSkin in
    Rose Quartz colour. 🙂

  • Tino

    1. I keep my iPhone in my pocket, this would help keep my keys or change from scratching it.
    2. Royal Purple

  • Drewsalum

    it will make my grungy, dirty iphone sparkly and new again! please send me a white one as that is the colour of innocence. I would like my phone to return to that state.

  • Anonymous

    1. It’ll be the coolest phone on the block.
    2. White SVP

  • Bee Humble

    1. no drop signal
    2. any color you can spare

  • Sky_hawk_7

    1) Protect the iphone and the antenna issue of iphone 😉
    2) Whife all the way

  • Kain Ocelot

    I guess I didn’t win last time, so I throw the same reasoning out for this one haha. My iPhone 4 is still brand-spankin’ new and still beautiful. Some nice protection would save me from having little baby iPhone 4s running around out of control when my iPhone gets out there and Bumps with all the pretty lady iPhones.

  • Kain Ocelot

    Oh, and white please =x

  • brownguywantswhitecase

    I waited long enough for a white iphone but i finally gave up and got a black iphone and it would be awesome to give a hint of white color! So, obviously it would awesome if i could win the white one! 🙂

  • Roger

    The white one would be so cool on mine… Yeah, cool and protected. But any color would do the work.

  • mike

    my current clear foil is all scratched up, would like to replace it with a ThinSkin! I would take white or red, just not purple 😉

  • Venerate

    I have had 5 IPhone cases break on me so far. I don’t use it that hard but just have had the worst luck with them. Now my phone is naked and sad, and a Black thinskin would make it much happier!!

  • Af

    1) To protect my iphone from scratches and damages when I’m ‘slighty’ intoxicated.
    2) White please.

  • Af

    1) To protect my iphone from scratches and damages when I’m ‘slighty’ intoxicated.
    2) White please.

  • BamX

    1) To give it a new look!
    2) White

  • lubitz99

    I want to spice up the colour of my iPhone as I always wanted the white one. If I would win I would like the white one!!!

  • soygreentlatte

    I realize now that I want a white iPhone 4! The thin skin will help this dream come true 🙂 I would like a white one please!

  • Eminem

    1. I always wear protection. My iPhone should to;)
    2. White
    Great site guys

  • Imangenius

    It will feet perfectly with my white Macbook and my Magic Mouse!


  • Harpoon

    My current case won’t dock and thin sounds good to me. White pls

  • moosehead2000

    You should always protect your unit 🙂 I’ll try the rose. Thanks

  • Hmarleau18

    Hi any color would do but pink or black would be amazing!!
    I never win nothing so we will see
    This blog is very interesting
    Happy Holliday

  • Sweet. Royal Purple is about as close as you can get to my ‘company colour’. That would be a nice tie in for the rest of the little accessories that I try to use to keep consistent….

  • Greenlimecrush

    It will green up my boring black iPhone to match my Lime Crush!


  • Alcohol_powered69

    I would like one to add sexiness to my iphone.

    White please!

  • James

    A new case would be great! My old case that I got from the case program all cracked up from a car crash. Royal purple or white would be perfect!

  • Hakim47

    1) it will benefit my iphone 4 by giving a better cosmetic look!

    2) I want the white color!

  • Tom Alexander

    it will keep my phone warm and safe on its way to and from my pocket

  • Wella

    It will protect my beloved iphone4 from the harshness of the winter salt

  • Phunny W

    It will protect my phone when I go out running..

    I want the white one please!

  • Ex


    – Allison J (purple)
    – SF (white)
    – Angelica Jessca D. Manalad (rose)