Share: October iPhone 4 Accessory Giveaway, Part Deux!


It’s that time again!

For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways.

It is a segment that will:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more)
  • Be extremely easy to win
  • Be posted at random

What’s up for grabs today?

Today, I have FOUR iPhone 4 cases from Logiix to give away to readers! We have the following cases available:

  • Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case)
  • Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case)
  • White Silicase (soft silicone case)
  • Black Silicase (soft silicone case)

Overall, both types of cases provide good protection for the iPhone 4. The cases have cut-outs for all necessary buttons and ports and leave easy access to the iPhone 4 display.

How to Win

To win, simply comment on the following:

1.) Which case/color do you prefer and why?

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends October 18, 2010 at 3:45AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • paul

    Dark or black, to suit my mood (given the way that we all get screwed over by the politicians, banks, etc)

  • Jay

    Dark or black because my iPhone really wants a case

  • Jamie Reid

    Black Silicase (soft silicone case) – My iPhone is drooling for a case!!!

  • David

    White Silicon Soft Case!!!

    Because I regret getting a dark case with the Free Case Program. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I prefer the White Silicase because I have a similar case for my 5th gen iPod and it would match (and my iPhone would have a case!)

  • Sheila

    I would like the white silicase pls. White because I really wanted the white iPhone 4 which is not yet out, so I had no choice but to get the black one. At least I can pretend.

  • Intro

    The black case would match my black phone! 😀

  • Roger

    Either black or white silicase, I need a soft case to make sure it fits with Zagg protection.

  • Sophie

    I’d like a clear gelguard. It provides the most protection without hiding too much of my sexy iPhone.

  • Yroymtl

    I prefer the Clear Gelguard

  • Neil

    Clear gelcase please!!! I like the clear look and a soft protective case.

  • Anonymous

    Soft white case
    Cause i always wanted a white iphone 4so mine will look like a white iphone 4
    And because i like more soft case

  • Anonymous

    Soft white case
    Cause i always wanted a white iphone 4so mine will look like a white iphone 4
    And because i like more soft case

  • Zoran

    The black case would look nice on my iphone.

  • Zoran

    The black case would look nice on my iphone.

  • Weebsurfer

    Clear gelgaurd. I’m findingnit hard to find a soft case that’s actually soft and doesnt peal my screen protector.

    Thanks for the contests! You guys rock!

  • Mackenzie 66

    Dark gel guard would be awesome thanks for the giveaway

  • halirob

    I’d like the Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case) case, as it would match my phone well.

  • ananonymousguy

    Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case) Looks great with my black iphone!

  • Ian

    Dark gel guard … looking to provide a bit of protection to my phone.

  • Joshua

    Clear to show the phone!

  • Pasquale Ciaramella

    I like the clear case so that I can still show off my awesome phone!

  • Alfredo

    I would love the black one to go with the awesome look of my iPhone 4

  • Delete Control

    I like the Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case) because it brings good looking protection to my nice iPhone ! 😉

  • lefendis

    i like the dark gelgaurd because my girlfriend is making me say so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cyclingsteveb

    Clear shows off the phone

  • Jay

    Black. It goes well with the look of the phone!

  • Jay

    Black. It goes well with the look of the phone!

  • David P

    White Silicase (soft silicone case) it looks nice in the picture lol! and I can use another case. The one apple sent sucks!

  • Kenny3535

    Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case) cuz it would look really good with my black iphone 4 !!!

  • Dave

    Dark GelGuard for me. It goes well with the color of my phone.

  • Josh17

    I hope I win the clear GelGuard 😀

    I dislike covering the back the phone so I can’t see the beauty 😉 and I’ve been looking for a good silicon hard case! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • Kaitlyn

    Clear GelGaurd. Protecting the phone while still being able to see it’s sexiness would be nice.

  • Mike

    Dark GelGuard. Goes well with my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I would like the Black Silicase to protect my iphone from the evils of my pocket!

  • Dez

    I would like the dark silicase since it would look sleek and well protect my i4 🙂

  • Mikechowns

    I would choose the clear case so that I can show off the look of the iPhone.

  • Sleemans24

    I would like to win the Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case).


  • Mistermadness

    I like the black silicase because it wint mess with my invisible shield! Sometimes the thick cases push the shield around and muck it up.. So sad

  • Pooyan

    Black Silicase, Cause my to be shipped IPhone4 is Black!

  • Demosthenesx

    Love the white Silicase. I’ve already got a black case, totally up for a little change in pace! 🙂

  • Stuart

    I would love the black one!

  • Domnikoss

    White with little hols

  • Anonymous

    clear gelguard because my Zagg is now peeling off and i need to protect the back!

  • Bob

    Soft black silicase – feels more comfortable on your hand.


  • Sergemorgotch

    I would like the cleargel one so I could protect and show off my iPhone at the same time

  • Kevin

    I would love the clear one. Gotta show off that shiny half-eaten fruit on the back!

  • Ctan

    Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case)

    It enhances the style more on the current iphone 4 and the thick case provides more protection.

  • Jon

    I like the white one, makes it look like (to some extent) the still non existent white model…

  • Rizulli

    I would like the Clear GelGuard casemso that I can still see the cool styling of my iPhone 4.

  • Kowboi

    I’m not picky, I would love what ever case is left. Currently I don’t have a case.

  • $unZ

    Black GelGuard…because once you go black, you don’t go back!

  • baladeur

    I think black will fit nice on my iphone

  • Jtabula5

    White Silicase – I like the feel of soft cases, and would add more grip to my butterfingers =)

  • Mikepanyue

    Clear GelGuard to show off my sweet iPhone 4 design!!

  • Spencer Rawn

    Clear so you can stil show off the sheer beauty of the iPhone

  • Shierkahn3

    I’d like the clear GelGuard, So I can appreciate the aesthetic of the iPhone 4 while keeping it safe.

  • Carolynn F

    I’d be happy to receive any of the options…if pressed I’d go for the dark or black cases.

  • Ddrmanic

    White Silicase – as I know it’ll be the only way to get a white iphone.

  • John

    I would personally prefer the dark gel guard.. my preference only. like the looks, and the protection of gel.

  • SR15

    The Clear GelGuard because you can see the back of the iphone without distortion. Thanks for the giveaway

  • Blake

    Black gelguard , I do not own a case

  • Blake

    Black gelguard , I do not own a case

  • Hiltonroutley

    White silicase. I like the white one because i think it would look nice with my iPhone. I have had reception problems, and my case from apple never came, in short I really need one

  • Craig

    1) I prefer the clear gel guard as this is my first iPhone and I would like to be able to see the back, as well as protect it.


  • Thomasnorman13

    Clear GelGuard because i want to be able to see the beauty that is the iPhone 4, but still protect it from the elements 😀

  • Brclho

    black dark gelguard, because it doesnt get dirty as easily as the white and there are only black iphone 4s anyways!

  • Ricardo Talbot

    I’d go for Clear GelGuard. I love see-through clothes 😉

  • jose

    Black gelguard because it looks soooo good

  • Martinmo1970

    Dark hard case because I don’t have a case for my iPhone 4

  • Laurent

    Black silicase because it looks best!

  • The Black Silicase looks sweet, and would look sexy with my iphone 4.. why? because no what the brand is black always looks great! 😀

  • lubitz99

    White Silicase (soft silicone case)
    Because I am so upset the white iPhone never came out so a white case is better than nothing

  • David Monkman

    The black one!

  • SR15

    Clear GelGuard. Because I want to be able to see the back of my iphone without any distortion anywhere.

  • Jordan

    I’d love the Dark Gelguard

  • Charles-cc

    Black Silicase (soft silicone case)

  • tykosh

    i prefer the clear gelguard, because it wouldn’t hide my phone too much

  • Anonymous

    Black Silicase because everything I own is black including both our cars. Also I have only ever used soft silicone cases on my iPhones.

  • IniquIty

    I would like the Dark GelGuard. The color go well with anything. And it’s my birthday.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like either the white one (for something different) or any of them that are left over 🙂

  • Lukas

    White Silicase. My iPhone desperately needs a case that works! And, it would make my nice little iPhone look amazing!

  • Dark GelGuard looks great!

  • Humble

    White Silicase. Should contrast well with the black phone

  • Candnru

    Black Silicase. I think it’s better than others.

  • livininvic

    Clear GelGuard. Cause the iPhone is too sexy to hide.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love the Dark Gelguard because it looks stylish and provides more protection than the thin silicone cases.

  • Neil

    I would like the Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case) as I like the dark color and feel the thick silicone will protect better

  • Anonymous

    I would love any case left! I need one!

  • Gavin

    Clear for sure!! I love the look of the back of my iPhone 4!


  • White Silicase since I already have the black bumper =)

  • lono

    The black one cause its whack!

  • riffic

    I like the Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case) to show off the beauty of the phone. But, I will take any case to protect this baby.

  • jRF68

    Hello Ex.

    My choice is the Dark GelGuard, because it’ll take my phone’s sexiness to a whole new level!

  • Black Silicase because its sleek and sexy

  • Ima_boss

    white one please

  • Iwantiphonesto

    Clear thick please, looks good and some protection

  • Vince

    I would like to win the black silicase. Black to be consistent with colour of my iPhone, and soft because I’m an old softie myself 🙂

  • Mark F.

    Black please because I want one of these cases

  • Daanish_555

    I prefer the white case because I already have 2 black cases.

  • iGuy

    Black silicase because it keeps the sleep formfitting look that I like in a case!

  • Romansrampage

    I like the Dark GelGuard. Silicone cases have always been my favorite kind of cases for any electronic I own.

  • Clear GelGuard, of course, so that we can see the beauty of the phone, yet be protected, while we see it slip though my (or my wife’s) buttery fingers.

  • Clear GelGuard, of course, so that we can see the beauty of the phone, yet be protected, while we see it slip though my (or my wife’s) buttery fingers.

  • Vene

    Clear gel, natrually, why hide the gorgeous phone inside?

  • Vene

    Clear gel, natrually, why hide the gorgeous phone inside?

  • Andre Pasche

    white silicase because it would look nice with the black of the phone

  • Ryanb

    Black Silicase
    because black is the color

  • J Warwani

    We’ve all been waiting to see the white iPhone. Perhaps my black iPhone will somewhat resemble it if i get the White Silicase.

  • 7turn1

    I like the clear GelGuard because I love the look of my phone and hate covering it up but my wife has already warned me not to drop it lol.

  • 7turn1

    I like the clear GelGuard because I love the look of my phone and hate covering it up but my wife has already warned me not to drop it lol.

  • Dani

    I like all of them! Clear to keep the metal edges visible and the dark ones to match with the dark screenon the phone.

  • Dani

    I like all of them! Clear to keep the metal edges visible and the dark ones to match with the dark screenon the phone.

  • Canucks Fan

    A Dark GelGuard please…. because I need to protect MY PRECIOUS…

  • Munky

    Black Silicase because it’d offer protection against minor bumps and scratches while keeping the added bulk to a minimum. Plus, I prefer black cases.


    Black Silicase! I keep everything I do protected 😉

  • Wmero

    Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case)… because the color would go really good and i like to have the thick feeling of the iphone 😉

  • chris

    The Dark GelGuard please! I had a very similar case for my iPhone 3GS and it was my favorite case.

  • Trungiie

    Any really, just got 6 iphones 4 ( whole family ) and the case program is gone 😡

  • Anonymous

    i like the clear gelguard cause i dont have a hard case yet. man i wish i’d win one of these some time lol.

  • iPhoneJohnny

    I could sure use the dark thick case. I think it would save the iPhone from serious damage. I work in a Motorcycle Shop and can use this protection.

  • KiNgPiN

    I like the official apple bumper in black, the case has real press-able buttons, looks like it’s part of the phone….sick!!!

  • Nakid guy

    Hi there, Thanks for the contest. I would love a Black Silicase (soft silicone case)

    Why? ’cause I’m nakid without it! thanks.

  • SG

    I will like the Clear Gelguard please.

  • Badru Sadru

    I want the dark gel guard – looks great

  • Anonymous

    Again I ask…why no give aways for 3G/3GS owners? I’m sure we still outnumber the iPhone 4 owners!

  • JohnnyZ

    I hope I can have the Black silicase

  • Felix Tam

    Dark GelGuard because i have not decided on a case for my NEW iphone 4g!!

  • Jimson

    I would like the white one!!

  • woozlewuzzle

    White gelguard because you can pretend that you have a white iphone and then later weep that you will never get the real white iPhone 4

  • Sidman

    Dark GelGuard. I have a soft silcone case and it kind of slips off every once in awhile

  • J Warwani

    If you are experiencing any antennagate issues, try calling Apple and telling them. Say that you were unable to get the iPhone earlier because of availability. They might help out.

  • Jonathan Lee

    I would like the dark Gelguard as I had a iPhone 3G but my kids dropped it and it was broken and I was without a phone for a few weeks.

  • VV

    I want the White Silicase (soft silicone case) please. I want this one because I already have a black one and I want another color. THANK YOU!

  • munchies

    I want the black one because im evil!

  • fery

    Clear GelGuard, cuz u dont wanna hide the best logo ever under a case 🙂

  • Fern

    The Clear GelGuard case please to display the great looks of this phone.

  • celban

    I like white because it stands out.

  • Martijn

    Black Silicase (soft silicone case) please!

  • Micdumas

    I like the clear one, to see my Iphone clearly.

  • mewantnewphonenow

    Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case) i wanna be able to see how sexy my iphone is

  • Jake

    The white silicone case because it looks fantastic and I usually lose my phone in my black leather couch and I can never find it especially when it’s on vibrate, I feel like such an idiot. A white case would help me locate my iphone easier.

  • Heyyouyeahyou

    My pick would have to be the Dark GelGuard. It is a no brained why…. It’s thick so provides added protection, and the dark colour is nice. I need a case. Thank You and good luck to all!

  • Kjai

    Dark GelGuard, cause the soft cases never worked for any of my idevices, I always find scratches on them after a month of use 🙁

  • Partsguy

    Black as it’s more fashionable and hides dirt

  • Alex1982

    I would love the Clear GelGuard. Why hide the beauty of the iPhone4?

  • Adrian

    white silicase because white case black phone makes perfect harmony

  • BHT

    White Silicase (soft silicone case) because I’ve been looking for a good white case to go along with my iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case) because I want to make sure my expensive investment lasts as long as possible!

  • Hst20202010

    This is my 3rd try and hopefully i’ll win.I would like the white LoGiX CaSe because I wanted A white iPhone4 but wasn’t available.Also I am disabled and am always dropping my iPhone and the case will protect my BaByfrom me.Thank-you for your time and all of your sites information,it really helps me learn about my first iPhone.

  • Cgj151

    White Silicase (soft silicone case), My wife has a black one, and the white one would be a great way to tell our phones apart.

  • mrusefull

    I like the black thin case because I’d like my iphone to look like it came out of the box as much as possible.

  • mrusefull

    I like the black thin case because I’d like my iphone to look like it came out of the box as much as possible.

  • Philraap

    I prefer the clear one cuz it shows off the phone better.

  • HM

    I would want the White Silicase (soft silicone case). It gives me the white iphone feel without the wait!

  • Cameron Muir

    id like the ” Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case) ” because it shows off the phone nicely and offers great protection

  • Anderson_46

    I like the thick black case because it matches the phone and will work great if I drop my phone

  • Chris

    I would live the clear gelguard. Because my phone needs some good protection!

  • cheeks

    clear gelguard, so i can see my iphone in all its stunning glory.

  • Gregorykho

    I prefer the Clear GelGuard because it doesn’t block the design of the iPhone itself

  • Pkennethv

    Black! I think a white semi-translucent case on a black phone would look kind of odd (opaque white like the Apple Bumper is okay with me).

  • JVD

    » Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case)
    Durable protection for my Iphone 🙂

  • Lambert Luong

    ..because it’s delicious…

  • ap89

    I hope I will get the white silicase because i think black iphone 4 will look great with white cases!

  • EmoKid

    I like it in black or dark. It goes well with my black iphone 4. Because i’m emo.

  • white silicase, looks classy

  • Craig318

    I would choose the Black Silicase, Why? Functionality while providing superb protection with a sleek design.

    The Dark GelGuard looks great and with the added protection would be a great case for those days that just don’t go your way.

  • Premosquito

    I prefer clear or white. It feels neat and simple!! =)

  • Jokeracing

    The best choice is the Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case).

    No better reason than: it looks like nothing is covering it. Only you know your protected.

  • Jasonsports

    Well, first off I don’t have any skin on my iphone4…, this is a chance to actually get one. I’d prefer ANY of them, because beggers shouldn’t be chooser….hahaha. (But, if the world was coming to an end, and I had to choose just one case to save us all….I’d pick the CLEAR GELGUARD !

    and…..the world is now saved :)))

  • coolpizzaguy

    Woohoo great giveaway contest! Go! I’d choose the Dark GelGuard for it’s protection and cool colour!

  • Canucks8

    my choice is a black silicase because i love silicone cases and it would (or should) look seamless with my black iphone 4 🙂

  • Gizmo68

    Black Silicase, looks sharp and good protection.

  • Acecchetto

    I would choose the white case, as I wanted a white iPhone 4, but we all know how that story goes! 🙂


  • ReyT

    The white silicase is the closest I can get to a white iPhone. So White Silicase it is! Thank you!

  • Daplo63

    I really would like the dark thick silicone case because of the type of work I do, I need to protect my nice new iPhone 4 from bumps and drops.

  • iamlynda

    Clear PLEASE!! – have to show off my Outrageous Orange skin from Phantom Skinz!!

  • steve lam

    dark gelguard. my rabbit destroyed my griffin etch case 🙁

  • JungleJodo

    I like the clear DelGuard, so I can still see as much of the iPhone as possible.

  • Tonygarcha1

    I prefer the Clear Gelguard. I like to see the iphone logo show through the case. I do have the Iphone Bumper, but it just doesn’t provide the full protection that I need.

  • DDB

    Having had several black silicon cases for my 3G, and now having a 4, I like the clear gelguard which shows the design and doesn’t have quite the Darth Vader aspect of the previous.

  • Anonymous

    I would like the dark case for new new 4G. It is great to have different cases to use to give your phone a new feel for awhile.

  • Pointe

    White Silicase to keep me waiting for the white iPhone4…

  • Brock

    I would love the Dark GelGuard (thick silicone case) as I think it would look great on the iPhone 4 yet provide good protection from drops etc! Thanks for running so many contests!

  • Jimmee

    The black one for me please! I am looking for a monotone look. White is way too much contrast for me. Fingers crossed…

  • Bk

    I prefer the Black Silicase (soft silicone case), because it blends in with the phone.


    I would like Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case) because iPhone 4 is really nice, and I don’t want to hide its beauty…

  • Ex


    – Paul (Black Silicase)
    – Weebsurfer (Clear GelGuard)
    – Neil (Dark GelGuard)
    – Jake (White Silicase)

  • Ex


    – Paul (Black Silicase)
    – Weebsurfer (Clear GelGuard)
    – Neil (Dark GelGuard)
    – Jake (White Silicase)

  • Spaul923

    black silicase…
    i find the soft cases more grippy…
    iunno im weird i guess lol

  • Jwu614

    I would love to get the Clear GelGuard (thick silicone case)

  • Slowburn

    I prefer the White Silicase. All my cases are black & hard.

  • Vivi

    I would like the clear Gelguard 🙂
    never thought I’d buy an iPhone 4 … impulsively bought one just days ago…
    really need the 6gb data plan… dang lol

  • Cshupe2

    White silicone I should win cuz my grandma just died and my cat was just killed

  • Cshupe2

    Hey if u live close to Langley I’ll see u my gel case for 10$

  • Tgee88

    I like the White guard. It protects my iphone 4 without attracting dust.

  • coriolis

    Clear cause you want to see the back 🙂

  • L Laurent

    HI My name is Laurent. I’d love to win the white silicase. I just got my iphone4 after giving up waiting for the white iphone4 :S i’d love to make my new iphone4 ‘white’ with this awesome case. Thank u!