Manage Your DDW-RT Compatible Router With DD-WRT / DD-WRT HD iOS Apps [Giveaway]



Developed for iOS by DAP Logic, DD-WRT and DD-WRT HD are the only apps available in the App Store that allow users to monitor and manage their DD-WRT compatible routers using their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Those who aren’t aware, DD-WRT is a Linux-based free aftermarket firmware for wireless routers, that contains special features and optimizations designed to improve on the router’s standard firmware.

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Previously, users needed to access their DD-WRT routers from their iPhones and iPads through Safari using a not-so-friendly web UI. But with these native apps, managing a DD-WRT compatible router on your network with an iOS device, both locally and remotely, has literally become seamless. Initial setup is a breeze and once your up and running, you’ll be presented with a fully optimized UI that gives your full control over your router with access to stats like System info, Wireless clients, LAN clients, Traffic and Bandwidth graphs, Routing tables, Memory and so much more.


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The apps let you change virtually every single setting on your DD-WRT router through its extremely easy and well organized interface. These settings include Port forwarding and Port Range forwarding (add/edit/delete/enable/disable port forward rules), Wireless MAC filter, Wireless on/off, DHCP Release/Renew and even allows you to send commands remotely such as Wake on LAN or Reboot router etc. The apps’ most recent update has also added the ability to add home screen icons that instantly issue Wake on LAN commands or Reboot your router wit a single tap. Furthermore, the app provides direct links to web interface pages as well.

Overall, I couldn’t be more satisfied with these highly useful apps for any DD-WRT router owner. Both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions work flawlessly and be grabbed for $3.99 each. For those who want to follow the apps’ development, hit up this forum link.

Promo Codes GIVEAWAY:

We have 4 App Store promo codes each (total 8 codes) for DD-WRT / DD-WRT HD to give away. You can enter the contest via Twitter for free by following these steps:

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Congratulations to our winners!

Please tweet to @DrUsmanQ for your choice of  DD-WRT for iPhone/iPod touch or DD-WRT HD for iPad App Store promo code. Codes will be sent on first come, first serve basis.


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