Review: Learn to cook with “Easy Recipes”


Hey all!

Today I have an application that is sure to make you drool! It is called “Easy Recipes” and helps you to find the right ingredients to make fantastic dishes!

Easy Recipes by Rob Maran

Want to learn how to cook? Can’t ever find the right ingredients? Look no further than the “Easy Recipes” application for your iPhone!

The first thing that makes this application stand out are the pictures. Oh the pictures…sweet juicy Turkey and tasty sweets and so good….*ahem* excuse me, got a little carried away there. What I was trying to say was the pictures included in this application are amazing. They are large, studio quality, full screen pictures of every food and drink recipe. Honestly speaking, even if you are not going to make anything, the pictures are great just to look at! The photos are all stored locally on the iPhone so there is no internet connection required to download them (bonus!).

The app includes detailed step by step instructions for each recipe and separate instructions for shopping for ingredients. I want to just take a moment here and mention something…

GUYS. From one guy to another, your girlfriend/wife/partner would love if you could cook a surprise fantastic meal. If you are uncomfortable with cooking, this application is for you. It TEACHES you what to shop for! I would say shopping for ingredients is the worst thing in the entire cooking process but this app takes away all the trouble. I’m telling you, this application = Epic wins for you.

As I was saying, you get step by step guides and one touch access to a variety of categories including: Starters, Sides, Beef/Pork, Chicken, Seafood, and much more. The other really nice thing is when you are searching within the categories, you get mini pictures of the individual foods or drinks which makes it easier to find a food when you do not know the name for example.

Easy Recipes is available in the AppStore for $0.99.

However, I giving away two promo codes away today for Easy Recipes! What you have to do is this:

1.) Give me your failure stories and post them below. I want to hear your best story of a time when you tried to cook something either for yourself or someone else and just failed miserably. The best two stories win.

Contest ends April 28, 2009 at 11:59pm.


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  • D168

    My first story is when I was a young kid. I saw a box of sugar cookies and decided to try making it, except I was missing a few ingredients… Well to me, that didn’t matter cause my cookies were definitely gonna turn out no matter what. So I mixed everything, put the batter on the cookie sheets, and put them into the oven, which I had no idea how it worked. So I fiddles with it and tried to set as high as it would go, because to me, that was the fastest way to get my cookies. So after checking on them over and over, I take them out. Well, they are just on the verge of charcoal. THey have a dark brown color and red and green sprinkles all over inside and out. I decided to eat one, offering them my batch of cookies. My burnt, destroyed cookies weren’t touched off the place…. =)

  • X1Zero

    That is hilarious! I bet they tasted fantastic! lol!

  • Dusty

    Yummy, food! 😛 LOL

  • Dar

    When my son was in grade 2 he came home from school and was told that he had to bring cupcakes to school the next day for a class outing. That night I went to all the grocery stores in town looking for cupcake mix. I couldn’t find any darn cupcake mixes. I ended up buying muffins and a can of icing. After decorating the muffins with the icing, I gave them to my son to bring to school. He said to me “These aren’t cupcakes!”. I told him I didn’t know how to make cupcakes and that I looked everywhere to find the cupcake mix. To make a long story short my son was very embarrassed to bring these so called “cupcakes” to school but I forced him to do so. After all, I went through a lot of trouble to make them! It was about a month later when I finally got the courage to ask someone how to make cupcakes. I couldn’t believe it that I had to use cake mix! Duhhh!!

  • Sean

    I tried to make liver more interesting once by cooking it in a Wok. Some things just shouldn’t be stir fried. Turned the liver pieces into little rock hard liver balls. It was just aweful. Haven’t eaten liver in any form since. I sure could use that Easy Recipes app and my family would sure be grateful too. 😉

  • Sean

    Who won?

  • X1Zero

    Winners have been notified and codes used.

    I believe it was Dar and D168!

    Check out our new contest today on the blog!