Two Year Anniversary Giveaway Day 5: 1Password for Mac + More


Yesterday was quite the day for Team Canada! FOUR medals, plus a berth to the semi-final round for the Men’s Hockey Team. It was a great day! Anyways, to continue with our Olympic/Two Year Blog Anniversary giveaway, we have two 1Password 3 promo codes up for grabs!

1Password 3: The Must Have Software for your Mac

The Agile Team has once again graciously donated two full licenses of their amazing software, 1Password 3. With the ever-growing list of website logins (email, social media, forums, work, travel, etc) it’s pretty much impossible to keep track of them all. That is unless you have an easy to use password manager that is safe and offers so much more.

With 1Password 3, you create a secure master password. This master password will unlock the vault where your other passwords are stored. Trust me, it’s the best piece of software I have on my Mac, hands down. There are plugins for all major web browsers (Chrome is coming soon) so you can login to any site with just a click of a button. No more form filling, and having to reset your password.

There’s also a free 1Password iPhone app that lets you sync your database to your iPhone. So all your passwords will be with you at all times. I can’t stress how much easier 1Password has made computing online. It’s an essential piece of software to have.

Click here to visit 1Password on the web. Read our 1Password 3 Review.

How to Enter the 1Password 3 Giveaway

1. Leave a comment below.
2. Contest ends on February 25th, 2010 at 11:59PM.
3. One entry per person please. Good luck!

Bonus Giveaway: Three Promo Codes for the Game Rafter!

The iPhone devs Punflay have decided to throw in three free promo codes for their game, Rafter! The first three people to comment below with the phrase “I <3” will win the codes (you’ll also be automatically entered into the 1Password giveaway)! Thanks guys!

Click here to check out Rafter!

Winners of the 3 x $50 OtterBox Gift Certificates

Congrats to the following people who won a $50 gift certificate from OtterBox!


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  • 1Password is one App Anyone owning a Mac should Never Be Without.

  • rezeau

    Keep these contests coming! Your website is awesome! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • rorypiper

    Already use 1Password. I have it on my Mac and my iPhone. A must have for every Mac user.

    I would love to try out Rafter. Looks good.

  • Half_Pint


    I <3


  • dashparr

    I <3

  • I <3

  • sheerluckholmes

    I <3

  • I <3

  • Ed Leslie

    Everyone needs some free stuff sometimes!
    I <3

  • Myron

    1password looks like it could be the most useful app on my Mac and iPhone.

  • pilot777

    “I <3”

    I have read the review, am a recent convert to a Mac Pro so this would be a wonderful application to continue to improve the experience I am having with Apple products.

  • i've heard a lot of good about 1Password. I'd love to get my hands on this!!!

  • robhali

    ipassword looks great….. bring it on..

  • Great blog! Would love to win 1Password for Mac.

  • Olympics have been and so has this blog

  • *Great

  • I've tried KeePassX only to find that it doesn't have an iPhone equivalent :o( 1Password has no competition!

  • Love the site, love the software – keep it up!

  • Harry86

    Woot…great Prize.
    Have not posted in awhile….real life dislikes interwebs life.

  • Michael N

    Great blog you have here.

  • I always wanted to try 1Password 😉

  • Thanks for the excellent site. Great pertinent and timely news.

  • This is my lucky day! (for winning, yes?)

  • aleclerc

    I would LOVE a 1Password Promo Code…seriously. would love. first born child worthy perhaps?

  • jbad

    gimme gimme

  • Mike

    I agree with Gary. 1Password is a must have for every Mac user! I'm currently using an older version on my MacBook and Pro on my iPhone but would love to try 1Pasword3 as I've heard it has some great new features.

    Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on all things iPhone!

  • air4

    sounds good. i want a 1password3 as well. Happy anniversary again!

  • Bailey

    I use 1Password (older version) and love it. Highly recommend to anyone using a Mac. Plus they're Canadian, eh.

  • Sean

    I use 1Password Pro on my iPhone I would love a copy for my iMac to go with it. This site rocks! Thank Google I found it.

  • harpoonGill

    this looks great.

  • I do love 1Password.. I've used it in the past, and with all the latest twitter hacks, I'm thinking about getting it again, so wouldn't it be great to win it!

  • William Anderson

    Wow, count me in. I hope I win

  • Karina Ling

    I want 1password please!

  • livininvic

    Finally something more graceful than a password protected Word doc.

  • robert b


  • Would love to try the software out, keep up the great work on the site

  • Jarery

    Once it works with Chrome I plan on purchasing this.

  • Laurence Head

    I have been a loyal user and fan of 1Password for sometime. It is truly a great piece of SW that just works. I had a second license which I gave away to a good friend who just switched to Mac from years of PC slavedom. He now sees the light! My wife has a Mac and now a Touch so I would love to win another license to let her stay securely organized.

  • cosmokanga2

    Heard many people swear by 1Password; would love to be able to.

  • stephen_c

    1password sounds like the perfect password management tool. There are too many websites out there that requires passwords. Perfect way to manage passwords, as well as prevent phishing!

  • andrewboarder

    1password is Essential on the Mac. Great program!

  • I would embrace 1Password with open arms.

  • I've heard some awesome reviews of 1Password and now that I finally have a Mac please save me from password proliferation.

  • Rob

    Go Canada Go
    Go iPhone in Canada Go

  • TJ Everet

    Looks like a great app!

  • michelleworkman

    Go Canada Go! Go 1Password Go!
    Great idea to have a 1Password Giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Anyone else cannot live without their iPhone????

  • wellsj

    Great product. Incredible giveaways. Keep it up IPIC!

  • zendad

    I've tested 1Password in the past and really love it. I'd love a free copy ;o)

  • ido

    1password is great, and I haven't gotten the 3rd version yet. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Mason

    iphoneincanada for President!

  • Manny Delgado

    I would really love a free copy of 1password, I have to many passwords to try and remember!

    P.S. rocks!

  • David Wong

    I use 1password for the iphone but don't have it on my macbook yet.

  • Meagan R.

    Great giveaways once again!

  • genepackwood

    1Passport has become would most helpful for me.

  • genepackwood

    I keep hearing how wonderful 1Passport is. To win it would be a hoot.

  • hutchej

    Just finished extensively testing 1Password to determine if it is for me and I love it…..please drop me a license! A very avid reader of this great site, happy to have you in my Google Reader RSS Feeds!

    Keep it up, we all love what you post!

  • hutchej

    Just finished extensively testing 1Password to determine if it is for me and I love it…..please drop me a license! A very avid reader of this great site, happy to have you in my Google Reader RSS Feeds!

    Keep it up, we all love what you post!