Enter to Win: WIND Mobile Prize Pack for your Unlocked iPhone 5s/5c


20130917 173339

Did you purchase an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c? If you have an unlocked unit and have considered switching to WIND Mobile, you can enter to win the following prize pack to get started for free (if you own an AWS iPhone 5 you can enter too. Find out if you own an AWS iPhone 5 here). Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 months of free WIND Mobile service ($240 value)
  • WIND Mobile Nano SIM card ($25 value)
  • WIND-Brand merchandise: car mount, t-shirt, knit cap

How to enter? Follow the instructions via the contest widget below (click here to visit the contest post on your Mac/PC if you can’t see it. We’re testing PunchTab for contests so relax if you run into problems:).

The contest will run for two weeks from September 23 – October 7 and the random winner must have a Canadian mailing address. Good luck!


  • Ted Ghanime

    I want an iPhone 5S on Wind Mobile!

  • Emily Agro

    I would like an iPhone 5 on wind

  • Omar Zebian

    I would hook up an iPhone 5S to WIND!

  • sscottm

    If I won I would hook up an iPhone 5s to wind mobility

  • mitch

    iphone 5s!

  • reformcanada

    iPhone 5S GOLD!

  • Ben Levine

    I have an unlocked iPhone 5 that’s WIND compatible. I’m hoping to bring that over!

  • Patrick Britton

    iPhone 5s, space grey. And maybe swap the sim to my wife’s iPhone 5 AWS too

  • meisenst

    Just bought an iPhone 5S. No more Robbers for me.

  • WallsOfJericho316

    64GB iPhone 5s in any colour.

  • Jojo Ma

    64GB iPhone 5s in any colour.

  • Tyler

    64GB iPhone 5s

  • 64GB iPhone 5s

  • szinck


  • travelluna

    iphone 5S

  • jynxed

    iphone 5s

  • alexpb1

    iphone 5s

  • Laird N Crystal Englot

    I would hook up an iPhone 5S on WIND!

  • rhodz_99

    iphone 5s on wind

  • I’m waiting on a silver iPhone 5S, which I intend to hookup to WIND (regardless of this contest).

  • Jeff Ngo

    64GB iPhone 5s in any colour.

  • julie g

    I’m on the cusp of buying the 5s and winning this would seal the deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bakhitbay Embergenov

    iphone 5c

  • Michael H

    Just bought an iPhone 5S 16GB unlocked from apple. i’ll pay the high price to avoid the big 3’s plans

  • mathewpacman

    iPhone 5S

  • GS

    I’ll be hooking up a 32 GB Space Grey iPhone 5S!

  • Stan

    Definitely hooking up an iPhone 5S

  • Guest


  • Sidney


  • Glacasse


  • bronip89

    iphone 5s!!!!!

  • Paulina Broni

    iphone 5!!!!!

  • John Riches

    I’d pick the iPhone that closest matches my Android experience

  • Guest

    Probably an iPhone 5S

  • J. W.

    Id get a 5c

  • Jon

    I’d use a 5s on Wind

  • Robert

    I just want Wind to grow as a company so that more people can switch away from the big 3.

  • sifooanas

    iphone 5s

  • Darrah Bailey

    I would consider it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Megan Willis

    I would love the IPone 5.

  • george g

    My daughter has WIND and loves it. I’d use it for a 5S

  • Michael Pozzobon

    I would hook up a beautiful iPhone 5s to a Wind account! Thanks for the contest! Fingers crossed and hope I win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guest

    Definitely the iPhone 5S!! It would be the perfect phone on the perfect network… winning this would totally make my year, really hope I win! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the great work!

  • Jason Dobson

    iPhone 5S 64 GB. Said goodbye to rogers.

  • Mike

    iPhone 5s

  • pheak

    iphone 5s to wind

  • Fady

    i would hook up iphone 5s 64gb Space Grey!!!

  • Peter Zhao

    Definitely a iPhone 5S hooked to wind

  • Sumth

    Probably an iPhone 5C

  • crickmac

    IPhone 5s on wind! Cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Matt

    iPhone 5S


    i WOUldnt Mind an iphone 5s or 5c

  • Ben D.

    iPhone 5s…

  • VJ

    I bought an iPhone 5S (16GB) for my mom, and I want to give it to her on WIND!

  • Scott Galbraith

    iPhone 5s for sure

  • Maggie Cheung

    iPhone 5S would be great but any smart phone would be good too! I want to win one for my dad!

  • wt

    want to win it for mom- will hook up iphone 5S!

  • Ariel C

    iphone 5s would be nice!