September iPhone Accessory Giveaway!


For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways:

It is a new segment that will:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more)
  • Be extremely easy to win
  • Be posted at random (so no more 3AM internet lurking for our contests!)

You can read the inaugural post here.

What’s up for grabs today?

Today I have the iPhone case accessory “Solo” by iSkin! You can check out our review of iSkin Solo here.


The iSkin Solo provides good and durable protection for your iPhone while still giving you access to the needed areas of the device. With a variety of high-gloss and vibrant colors, you get a well performing protection solution.


The Solo is available from the iSkin online store in four different translucent colors (Black, Red, Blue, White) for $29.99.

But today you can get the Blue Solo case for FREE!

How to Win

To win, simply comment below on the following:

In a battle between Red and Blue, who would win?


Winner chosen at random; Contest ends September 13, 2009 at 5:30AM PST. Contest open to Canada/USA residents only.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the comment entry form or I cannot contact you!

2.) You may enter even if you have won something before. You can win again and again and again! There is no limit on the amount of times that you can win!

3.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do NOT attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.

4.) Winner(s) must claim prize(s) within 24 hours of me sending the confirmation email. Failure to do so results in expulsion from the contest.


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  • Dusty

    Blue of course! Red reminds me of Robbers (Rogers) and is just a turn off! πŸ˜›

  • masterd7

    When thinking of Red and Blue in battle the obvious person that comes to mind is Superman, the most powerful superhero of all time. However, the things that really distinguishes superman from other superheros is his cape, and most importantly his “S” on his chest, both of which are red. So I say Red is the main colour of superman, which means Red wins any battle!

  • Chris

    Red definitely would win simply because the blood from the battle would be camoflauged, meaning it would appear intimidating, even if it were already heavily wounded. The other colors would back off and fight amongst themselves, leaving red with the distinct advantage of being the final fighter against the other three colors.

  • jjpun

    Blue, cause I like the colour blue more

  • graylen

    In the battle between Red and Blue I would say Purple would win

  • akashgupta

    Blue would win because blue = water and red = fire

  • montymon

    If one takes a political bent, red [grits] vs. blue [tories], then neither should win, we have too many politicians already!

  • Tony

    In a battle between red and blue, red would win because my soccer team's jerseys are red.

  • Ybob88

    Neither cuz the other colours would want to get involved too.

  • Chevymb

    Red is Canadian. Blue is American. Of course red will win.

  • Chevymb

    Red is Canadian. Blue is American. Of course red will win.

  • Brendan

    In a battle between Red and Blue, who would win? Violet of course!

  • juleehen

    If red is fire and blue is water, blue wins ! πŸ˜›

  • Interesting….

  • Edge

    I like blue, he's a nice guy, but I gotta give it to red. Blue's pretty calm, laid back. Red, on the other hand, is all fired up.

  • bcb

    why of course, Blue would win! it's the 'cooler' colour

  • lana99

    I'd have to say Blue, although red is very Cdn, make us a red one with a maple leaf.

  • stephenontario

    thats a tough one but….RED

  • neilb14

    Depends if the fight is hand-to-hand or if Red can use her longbow.

  • lello91

    RED for the canadian flag. RED for Spider-Man. RED for the Montreal Canadians hockey team. RED for fire, RED for X1ZERO'S corner. RED for the aid program in Africa. RED for love. RED for the blood of the 100 000 smartphones pretending to be “iPhone Killers” but have failed. RED for the power of the most powerfull smartphone out there, the iPhone 3GS, RED for Rogers who stays better then Bell and it's blue. RED for RedOne the music producer. RED for the notifications and miss call we get on our iPhones's. RED…for the hot iSkin Solo

  • imerc08

    Red is a warrior! It will always win over blue.

  • Pokieo

    Well if you are referring to the Halo movies of red vs blue I think red would win. Also it seems like I have seen more res ski s around that blue ones. But I don't mind which color I get. Thanks for the sweet contests!

  • george_w

    Blue, no question.

  • iWaYne23

    Blue for sure because Red is sometimes represents evil and GOOD always wins the fight.

  • myclaw

    Red = Autobots. Red wins.

  • Awesome!!

  • fullbox

    Blue! Red seems more like more girls!

  • ddn2003

    Hmmm… Blue is Bell (BOOOOOO!), but Red is Rogers (Double BOOOOOO!). I'll have to go with the lesser of 2 evils… Blue!

  • In a fight vs Red & Blue. The reds would think they have alredy won the battle befor it even started. Because they are so high of them selves. But then comes the blue's with there cool like-ness to them. And they wipe all the red's out without a problem. Pluse my iPhone would look awesome in blue.

  • livininvic

    Well, if we're talkin red lightsaber vs. blue lightsaber, usually the first movie ends in kind of a draw, although the red lightsaber gives a little “neener neener neeeener” at the end. The second movie ends with red defeating blue so it looks like all hope is lost. And as all battles of good vs. evil go, by the end of the trilogy, blue will have fought adversity and defeated red once and for all…

    So the answer is, red thinks it's gonna win, but blue ends up playing on the whole “But your my new found daddy” card and it takes the final victory.

  • Markh

    Red of course πŸ˜‰ canada

  • luke8715

    Red will definitely win in this battle although I prefer blue color…hah

  • I think when red and blue clash there is never a clear winner. Except when they are found together on Wonder Woman's costume. Which is still ludicrously hot, even after all these years.

  • Chris

    I prefer red over blue so I'll be cheering for that colour. Red would win.

  • rayray14

    My boy blue would take red on any day…

  • mofoman

    That's a solid looking case. I've been looking for a good hard case with my phone and have been so disappointed thus far. Dont even get me started on the invisible shield. It's such a piece of crap for white iphones

  • Shogun308

    Love the red! I will totally rock it!

  • Blue pwns red anytime, not only because blue is the better colour, but because the Blue Man Group is awesome and rocks my socks.

  • marrrrta

    Red would win: It's fire, and fire pwns anything (eg, explosions), and it's our country's primary colour πŸ™‚ It's also way more in-your-face than blue is. Blue is like a wallflower.

  • Red wins because it comes first in the spectrum of light. ROYGBIV although i favour blue more!!!

  • Red wins because it comes before blue in the spectrum. ROYGBIV but i favor blue!!!

  • Red wins because it comes before blue in the spectrum ROYGBIV but i favor blue more!!!

  • haha sorry for the mutil post…my browser kept freezing and it didn;t show up.

  • bo3ddha

    When I think of red and blue. I think of the Alliance(blue) and the Horde(red) battling for position and power.

    Many lives have lost but no matter what the blue stays strong. Azeroth is where they belong and will not easily be rid of from the horde.

    Blue will be victorious!!!

    P.S. I'm an Orc warrior =p lol

  • gamerj

    Blue will win because red = blood = not good

  • belami

    Ahh…classic match-up…..Red vs. Blue. This epic battle started with Pokemon Red vs. Pokemon Blue. Each has their own advantages depending on where the battle takes place!

    But I've always been a heavy Red supporter. Charizard can beat Blastoise any day of the week! Also, Santa loves Red. So Red wins hands-down!!

  • Is that all the Alliance can muster?! A SINGLE PALADIN!!!!

  • Dumasjp

    Blue=Quebec so IT's netter

  • kerv

    Red will win!!! Although the blue case is pretty cool too… I like the “purple” comment below though…very interesting.

  • HashM

    Blue, it has been scientifically proven. Please see Science monthly for more info.

  • Paul

    Blue, of course, since it's my favourite colour!

  • bluevektor

    Blue would win for sure. It's got its own song. Blue da ba dee by Eiffel 65. Haha that brings me back a few years.

  • xaroc

    Blue would win, because … uhh…. Elements.. yeah… Fire and Ice , Fire Burns ice , Fire Celebrates its victory, Then ice melts for a sneak attack, Killing Fire/red. i think…. *Drools* me like blue… lol

  • Blue would win because it is cool as ice!

  • Carl

    I don't prefer to look at it as Red vsBlue, they're both winners in my book!

  • Jorelle

    Red would win definitely because it is a symbol of Aries for fire, also Charizard would destroy Blastoise any day. Charizard may have been portrayed as lazy but this was due to the fact that he knew he was the best and didn't have to try. Blastoise? He was thwarted for having a Jiggypuff stuck in his cannon. If you have a level 7 Jigglypuff stuck in your hydropumping Cannon then how can you go up against a Pikachu who will quick attack into said cannon and thunderbolt the heck out of it. That being said, if you were a Charizard, you could easily fly and throw a seismic toss against a Blastoise or scorch it to the point where you cook it in it's shell. For the Pikachu he could just easily scorch the ground with a firespin and have that pikachu get thrown into it.

  • g_ram

    If a blind man were choosing, he'd defiantly go with blue.

  • ReyT

    In the battle of Blue and Red, Blue will win, because it is my favorite color!

  • bradyvcom

    Blue always wins!
    Btw, those cases are amazing.

  • hin

    red win! coz red makes me hot!

  • x00carly

    When red and blue are battling in saltwater, they morph into purple with two heads. Purple resembles the mold in the pickle jar, and pickles are delicious.
    Definitely blue, red is a scary colour that resembles Rogers and their $18,000 robbery of a university student.
    I really really really need this case. Thanks for being eternally awesome, X1Zero!

  • josheesh

    Blue would win. That's like Edmonton vs Calgary!!

  • SHUT UP! A BATTLE BETWEEN RED AND BLUE!I think no one would win, they would melt and become Optimus Prime!

  • SHUT UP! A BATTLE BETWEEN RED AND BLUE!I think no one would win, they would melt and become Optimus Prime!

  • Our winner:

    – livininvic

    Check your email soon!

  • tmur

    Red would take the battle hands down! Its been proven that the colour red has a higher chance of winning then any other colour.

  • tmur

    Red would take the battle hands down! Its been proven that the colour red has a higher chance of winning then any other colour.

  • skyngai

    The answer is simple, just check out super man suit. What colour is the “S” in his suit, and what model is the newest iphone? RED!

  • johnwoo19

    I think I am too late to post

  • murraykastner

    I would say Red because Red is hot.

  • johnwoo19

    I think I am too late to post

  • murraykastner

    I would say Red because Red is hot.