Durable 10Ft Bungee Lightning Cable on Sale for 60% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]


Redesign BungeeChargerCable MF

If your iOS device is always running low on battery life (we know that can happen with extended use), why not charge it while you’re on the couch?

The following 10ft/3.3 metre bungee Lightning cable can do just that. It’s on sale for 70% off at $15.99 in our Deals Store, which includes free shipping to Canada and beyond.

Its nylon material is strong and will ensure your cable stays tangle-free. The extra long length means you’ll be able to use and charge your device at the same time.

Redesign bungee mf2

Top Features:

  • High speed USB 2.0 technology
  • Tangle-free bungee cord design
  • Tear proof reinforced nylon
  • 10ft long cord range

Do note this is not MFi-certified, but there is a 90 manufacturer warranty if your cable doesn’t work. Nevertheless, this long cable will ensure you never have to crouch over your device to use it while it’s charging anymore.

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  • WatDah

    “ensure your cable never stays tangle-free”…..

  • Trevor Robertson

    why would you want a non MFI cable?

  • xxxJDxxx

    Will this cable give ‘unsupported accessory’ errors? or only work in one orientation?

  • Alex

    Hey! Can I ask what you mean by “orientation? I’m not totally sure. Happy to answer your question tho!

    Otherwise no, it doesn’t give that error.

  • Alex

    I get that perspective. I suppose the appeal of a non MFI cable is the length (over 3 meters) for less than a normal sized MFI cable costs. Economics 🙂

  • xxxJDxxx

    I mean can the lightning end of the cable be inserted in either direction like the oem apple cable? Some of the eBay knockoffs will only work when inserted one way.

  • Alex

    yes, it works both ways

  • Anon

    Just use a 10′ USB extension cable with your Apple lightning cable, to avoid issues. You can get them for $9. That’s what I use with mine.

  • That’s a actually pretty cool, didn’t know that these existed – thank you!

  • Brandon Pereira

    You’re a genious! Thanks for the idea!