Camera Guard Pro for Mac on Sale for 66% Off at $9.99 [Deals]


If you’re the paranoid type that wants to ensure your Mac’s webcam and mic are not being spied on, then you need Camera Guard Pro, currently on sale for 66% off at $9.99 USD in our Deals Store.

Camera guard pro mac


  • Deep Detective™ proactively reports & restricts known & still unknown attack attempts
  • Microphone protection ensures that your voice can’t be recorded w/o your permission
  • Can be used in conjunction w/ other anti-virus or firewall software for a complete security solution
  • Real-time reporting & logging allows you to identify security breaches the second they happen

Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted protecting his MacBook camera with a piece of tape. Camera Guard Pro does a way better job than that simple solution.

Click here to jump on Camera Guard Pro for Mac while it’s still on sale.


  • Matt

    Has anybody seen that show black mirror? On Netflix?
    There’s an episode like this where the kid has to do things for this unknown person or his video gets “leaked”
    Scary stuff

  • Mark

    Thought it was April 1st for a moment. So someone manages to hack into your system but won’t be able to by-pass this? Right. I think Zuckerberg can afford to have a program/app written to do this yet still choses to use a piece of tape. Hard to hack physical tape I guess.