Enter to Win a Brand New 13-Inch MacBook Air [Deals]


Our Deals Store is offering up a chance for you to win a brand new 13-inch MacBook Air ($1099 value), which includes Canadian residents.

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How to enter? All you have to do is submit your email address here.

If you want 5 bonus entries, you can do so by purchasing the 2013 Summer Mac Bundle featuring Parallels Desktop 8.ย If you share the contest via Twitter or Facebook after entering, you will also gain bonus entries as well.

If you’ve dreamed of owning a MacBook Air, this is your chance to enter and get one for free. Good luck!


  • Arcsvibe

    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cheers, good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tomm

    Do you guys know that the Unlock and Jailbreak add above is a scam? Just do a search on this company, they are scammers that charge for using the same jailbreaking and unlocking tools available for free and people have been scammed by them countless times. I am surprised that you don’t use reputable companies to advertise. It devalues iphoneincanada,

  • OliChabot

    Pray for me, would be great for college this august !

  • Praying!

  • Perry

    Hope I win! Was saving up to buy a pro but an air would be nice too!

  • Floyd Style

    oh sweet, me wants!!

  • Hey tomm, those ads are not controlled by us, but rather AdChoices, which is based on user search habits thanks to Google knowing everything about us. So they display accordingly. What is the URL of the ad by chance? We can try to block them.

  • Hamiltonian

    When will the winner be announced?

  • Jason Reid

    Thanks Gary!!

  • Andoni Roman

    That’s an awesome giveaway!

  • OMAC
  • John

    Im praying you don’t win it. Because I want to win it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • growthguided

    I feel this is destiny !

    Can’t wait till you contact me letting me know I have won this amazing price!

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