‘Ergonomic’ iPhone 5/5s Headphones on Sale for $14.99, Free Shipping [Deals]


Having an extra pair of headphones can always come in handy, especially if you are on the go and always forget to bring your set with you. Skip remembering and just pick up a secondary pair!

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Our Deals Store currently has a pair of iPhone 5/5s compatible headphones on sale for $14.99 ($48% off) with free shipping to Canada and beyond. You can also get an extra pair for half price, so that works out to $11.25 per pair, shipped. Do note these are NOT made by Apple but rather third party generic lookalikes. They include a remote and mic and come in a storage and travel case.

These will come in handy if you don’t want to ruin your real iPhone 5/5s headphones because of your gym workout or you always tend to misplace your originals. Nothing wrong with having a spare set lying at home, the office and your gym bag.

Click here to jump on the Ergonomic iPhone 5/5s Headphones sale before it ends.


  • Chrome262

    not bad, its what you would find on ebay, some cheaper but most in that range and it might even get here faster. Although I got a pair in pink for my daughter, color would be nice.

  • fred

    does it have the sound quality as good as apple branded ones?

  • I wouldn’t have high hopes for these as I have not tested them. Probably around average sound quality, based on the price. You never really know with these third party headphones. I’ll ask Stack Social.

  • ticky13

    “$48% off”


  • Sven L

    I hope most do their homework before jumping on this…much of what Stack Social has been offering are indeed cheap deals, but unbeknownst to many, CHEAP QUALITY. I’d rather spend the extra few dollars and get the real product or buy an alternative with an ESTABLISHED REPUTATION. These cheap knock-offs are worth maybe $1-2 NOT the $15 price tag they currently hold.

    Buyer beware.