Exclusive Deal: Save 50% Off All ZAGG invisibleSHIELDs, 3 Day Sale


Our friends at ZAGG have come up with an exclusive deal just for iPhoneinCanada readers. From now until midnight on August 16, you can get 50% off on any invisibleSHIELD! Just use the promo code 50canada during checkout.

Normally their half off deals only occur a couple times per year but this time the deal comes to Canada first. If you’ve been waiting to get some screen protection for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MacBook or any other electronic device this is the best time to buy.

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ZAGG recently introduced the glass-like invisibleSHIELD High Definition starting at $19.99 to its line up and is the most popular invisibleSHIELD at the moment.

There is a limit to three shields per order. ZAGG has also recently introduced lower shipping options to Canada as they have added First Class Mail International, which is cheaper than DHL and UPS. ZAGG has a 45 money back guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty on its invisibleSHIELD so you can rest assured with your purchase.

Click here to jump on this exclusive 50% off deal before it ends.


  • K

    50% on one item only, not on all items on an order…

  • The code will discount 50% on up to three items in your cart. Is it not working for you? We tested it and our cart shows 50% off.

  • K

    Did not. Even called zagg and told me it was only on 1 item (!).

  • Looking into this. Brb.

  • Just tested. Works for up to 3 invisibleSHIELD items, our cart shows 50% off. What did you try buying?

  • Michael Moniz

    $15.10 shipping is cheaper!!?? They used to have cheaper rates before ZAGG bought Invisbleshield

  • Tim

    My comment was deleted because I suggested that you could pay a buck or two on ebay for the same thing. Not cool guys. If the product is quality, let it speak for itself. If you’re going to provide an honest source of info, let your readers speak.

  • speedracer99

    Their shipping charges are crazy. Works out to same cost as just buying it a Future Shop. Consider Bodyguardz, Cheaper regular price and just as good of a shield product. Their shipping charges are $12.95 to Canada

  • When did you leave this comment? We don’t delete comments unless someone is personally attacking someone or acting a fool. Comments with links are held for moderation.

  • Ridiculous

    Shipping charge is ridiculous… $15 for a $17-$18 item?… Why we canadian has to pay the shipping charge when it s free for in the states and some european countries….ridiculous…

  • K

    ZAGG privacy for ip5 is 25 there but 20 at BB…(!).

  • ddsmak

    First of all, ridicules shipping charges for an item that packaged like a manila envelope. Second, I bought one for my ipad 3, it lasted a few months before the edges started to roll up.

  • rovan

    PLEASE…how do i UNSUBSCRIBE from iphonecanada’s email updates. Unscubscribing from within my email does NOT work.