Griffin’s ‘WatchStand’ Apple Watch Charging Dock is Now Available to Order


If you’re looking for a charging dock for your Apple Watch, Griffin launched sales of their WatchStand yesterday. This dock cleverly hides the Apple Watch’s magnetic cable so it’s out of sight as it coils up the core of the stand.

The Griffin WatchStand retails for $29.99 USD and shipping to our postal code in BC was $3.50 USD to Canada, for a total of $33.49 USD.

However, if you are an International reader of iPhoneinCanada, our Deals Store is offering the stand with shipping for $36.99 USD, which can save you on shipping costs to certain destinations.

For readers looking for ways to support iPhoneinCanada, you can do so by ordering the Griffin WatchStand through our Deals Store; of course, you can also order directly from Griffin.


  • Salinger

    “Launched” but doesn’t ship for 1-2 weeks.

    These things are always much less expensive once they start selling through Amazon rather than direct.

  • Rick

    I want a stand that will hold and charge my apple watch, iphone 6 plus with case and ipad air2 with case.

  • Salinger

    There’s one like that on kickstarter and it looks quite nice. Don’t know when it’ll be ready for production but it’s quite pricey, I believe $189USD

  • johnnygoodface

    Ya me too! Not to mention that is stand looks awful!