GripGo Universal Car Mount Sale: 51% Off at $13.99, Free Shipping [Deals]


If you’re looking for a car mount for your iPhone, our Deals Store is currently featuring the GripGo Universal Car Mount for 51% off at $13.99 (normally $29.99) and it includes free shipping to Canada and beyond.

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What makes the GripGo unique is its polymer surface where your iPhone or any other device such as your GPS resides, as you’ll be able to easily remove your device without any sticky residue. If the polymer ever gets dirty it can be rinsed with water and be good as new.

The GripGo mounts onto your windshield via suction with its 8-inch boom and 360 degree pivoting capabilities. The unit can also be installed on smooth surfaces at home such as your office desk or kitchen counter. It will also work with a case as long as the back is a smooth surface the polymer can stick to.

Check out the demo video below:

A car mount can let you leave your phone in a visible place in the car so you can drive safely. No more fumbling with your phone. For $13.99 shipped free, this price would be the shipping alone for some car mounts ordered online in Canada or the USA–but here it’s your all-in price.

Click here to jump on the GripGo Universal Car Mount while it’s still available!


  • Jake_barns

    They have in here in the states at local Walmart or dollar store for 12.99$ us.

  • Al

    Read numerous complaints about those things being temperamental.

  • Me

    I’ve had 2. The first one basically melted on my phone. The customer service was great and sent me a new one. However, when it happened the second time I just cut my losses. Any extended period in direct sunlight make them more of a slimy mess than a dock. Too bad, it’s it’s a great idea.

  • Don

    PartSource sells these for $15

  • I love my gripgo.. Have 1 in each of my cars..

  • Nice!

  • pure_ip5s

    Your lovely Gripgo hasn’t turned into slime yet? I had mine for about 6 months before it because completely useless. Not worth even 5 bucks…

  • al

    $4 at eBay