Get Your Own Limited Edition T-Shirt [Deals]


Dear fellow friends, we have launched our very own t-shirts, available in a limited first-run batch at the introductory price of just $15.


The front of the tee shows off our awesome logo while the upper back has a smaller version of our full logo. It’s available in versions for both men and women, plus they are printed on brand-name Hanes Tagless tees, not some generic stuff.


We’re using TeeSpring to launch our t-shirts, which will only go into production if 50 are reserved (you won’t be charged unless the 50 tee minimum is reached, similar to a Kickstarter campaign). Shipping to Canada is $7.50 but if you order more than one it’s only $1 extra for each shirt (in other words, these will make a great gift).

We appreciate your support for and a tiny percentage of sales will help us continue to keep doing what we do.

Click here to reserve your t-shirt—don’t forget to share the offer with your friends so the campaign can launch!


  • Allan Descheneau

    Hi! It’s very cool that you are putting out shirts! Can I ask you about your decision to do that? I have a blog and would love to add some items, but I don’t know how to do it with the lowest financial risk.

  • We’ve had interest in the past about t-shirts but it took some investment like you said. But with Teespring it doesn’t cost anything to launch a campaign, it’s like Kickstarter. Everybody wins!

  • Erik Kappel

    I’m very tight on cash right now, if I weren’t I’d insta-buy one. Hope you guys achieve the numbers!

  • Thanks Erik!

  • Matt Coleman

    Just ordered mine! Hope it helps.

  • Cheers! Let’s hope we can meet the production minimum 🙂

  • Bruce Cairnie

    really sorry there weren’t enough orders. I was looking forward to having my shirt!