iTunes Cleaner for Mac on Sale for $5 to Clean Up your Music Library [Deals]


Medium itunes cleaner mainframe banner

If you are a music lover with a massive iTunes library, keeping everything organized is essential to enjoying your music. If you have fallen behind in keeping your music tidy then check out iTunes Cleaner for Mac, which is currently on sale for $5 (83% off, savings of $25) in our Deals Store.

For a mere five bucks here are some of the top features:

Delete Duplicates
Duplicates can accumulate easily on iTunes. Clean ’em up!

Add Proper Album Covers & Artwork
Artwork adds a dynamic to your library that you will not appreciate until you experience it.

Add Missing Info Including Artists & Album Titles
Not only does this look great, but increases functionality on iPhones, iPods, & iPads.

Easy-To-Use Interface w/ Simple Program Operation
So easy that your iTunes will be cleaned and organize upon installation. Only requires a couple clicks to maintain!

Do note the price of iTunes Cleaner for Mac is set to increase by $1 per day and the sale ends in two days–click here to jump on this deal while it’s still $5!


  • Olley

    Is this another Over priced Tune-up that messes up your library? O_o

  • Prailor

    it didnt work 🙂

    searched my song, found some items, tried to fix them, but in the end 3587 unrecognized songs. you can limit the artists and albums but you cant manually edit the song titles.

    in the end it was only $5, of a gift card thats been sitting around forever, so i dont consider it much of a loss