Koogeek Sale on Amazon: Up to 35% Off HomeKit Smart Switch, Smart Plug, Smart Bulb


If you’ve been waiting for another round of exclusive Koogeek sales on their HomeKit products, we’re here to deliver for you. iPhone in Canada has secured some promo codes for our readers, which offers discounts of 25% to 35% off a trio of Koogeek HomeKit products.

Below are the sale prices after applying our promo codes at checkout:

Koogeek Smart Bulb – $41.99 (35% off, save $18); use code JWHRYRZ4

Screenshot 2017 08 11 14 05 36

Koogeek Smart Switch – $38.99 (35% off, save $21); use code ROAYWNX7

Screenshot 2017 08 11 14 04 26

Koogeek Smart Plug – $29.99 (25% off, save $10); use code XX95LMLQ

Screenshot 2017 08 11 14 04 57

We purchased the Koogeek Smart Plug a while back and it works great, although it only works on a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network (its physical size is a tad big). The same goes for the Smart LED Light Bulb (which we’ve been testing and it works great by the way).

All three promo codes have been tested and by purchasing all of them together, you’ll be saving $49 off their retail price.

Click here to see all of Koogeek’s HomeKit products on—the sale is only available for a limited time, so jump on these if you’ve been waiting to get a HomeKit accessory or two.

By purchasing with our affiliate links in this post, it doesn’t cost you anything, however you get to support iPhone in Canada in the process #hugs.



  • Shawn


  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle


  • It’s Me

    Still no UL or CSA certification. Seems like a no brainer for them to get fully recognizable safety verification instead of going with a lesser known org.

    Not sure I’d want to leave these plugged in or wired in when I’m not home. I’ll stick with leviton or lutron, names I know with safety certs I trust. Leviton also supports 3-way switches, which are all over my house.

  • erth

    I have purchased two of the plugs in previous deals. They do work, but they don’t have the ability to schedule on and off times based on sun sets. They only allow timed on and off, which is fine, but the added functionality would be nice. Also, the units are big, therefore, you lose the ability of the other plug in the wall. I don’t understand why these companies don’t just give you two plugs. then it doesn’t matter the size.

  • BigCat

    I am with you. Just spend a couple of more bucks get and get something good.

    It just reminds me of the massive recall they had on China made Christmas lights this past year. I am very sure only a small percentage of consumers ever heard about it.

    110 volts can start a fire very quickly.