Leviton HomeKit Smart Switch, Dimmer Switch on Sale on


You still building that smart home of yours? If you need some HomeKit-powered light switches, check out the couple Leviton models on sale on, which have hit their lowest prices to date on the retailer, according to price tracker CamelCamelCamel.

The Leviton DH15S-1BZ 15A Decora Smart Switch is available for $54.32, savings of 7% ($4.17). Directly from Leviton, these are $54 USD alone:

Screenshot 2017 06 28 13 42 18

Meanwhile, the Leviton DH6HD-1BZ 600W Decora Smart Dimmer is available for $53.29, savings of 18% ($11.70); it retails for $60 USD on the Leviton website:

Screenshot 2017 06 28 13 42 10

Once you install these to replace your existing light switches, you’ll be able to use Siri to control your lights, plus setup automated scenes, all backed by Apple’s secure HomeKit protocol. These can work in a multi-switch setup as well. doesn’t sell these yet, and neither does Home Depot.

Some great places to put in a smart switch? The switch for your front door light or the lights in your bedroom, as you’ll be able to control them quickly with a tap from Control Center on iPhone or iPad, plus Siri.

Click here to jump on this Leviton sale while it’s still available. Don’t forget to check out the Koogeek HomeKit light switch on sale for $43.99 here.


  • bbousquet

    I ordered the DH15S-1BZ light switch earlier today. My first HomeKit device to play around with.

  • Nice! Once you get one HomeKit product, it’s hard to stop getting more!

  • It’s Me

    Even better deal on the weekend when amazon wasn’t charging taxes. Picked up two dimmers.

    Could try to price match at homedepot (they now carry the switch and dimmer) and get them to beat it by another 10% of the price. Even if homedepot only matches it encourages them to keep stocking new HomeKit stuff. Each store only received 2 units of each so it looks like it was a trial order. If they sell, they’ll order more.

  • xeronine992

    Home Depot’s official price guarantee policy is that they do NOT price match online stores.

    Lowe’s is happy to do it, but not Home Depot. YMMV though.

  • It’s Me

    True but since Lowes doesn’t carry these leviton products it doesn’t really matter.

    Having said that, I’ve never had a problem price matching amazon at HD. They usually won’t beat the price by 10%, though the have, but they have almost always a least matched it.

  • Nafizur

    Hi Gary,

    I have hue bulbs and a dumb switch. I’m sure everyone knows the isssue with that.. the switch always has to be “ON”.

    So I bought the Insignia smart switch (HomeKit) from Best Buy. Once I installed it, I thought if I pressed he switch off, I would still be able to turn on the hue bulbs, and the switch and bulbs would be in sync.. but that’s not the case.

    I’m wondering, will these Leviton switch solve the syncing issue?

    If I powered off the switch, will it completely cut off the power to the bulb?