Get Lifetime Access to 1TB of DrivePop Cloud Backup for 91% Off [Deals]


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If you have important files stored on a hard drive, it may be safe but once failure happens your data will be gone forever. To prevent this, online cloud storage solutions can give you the peace of mind your data will always be accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Our Deals Store right now has a lifetime subscription to DrivePop’s 1TB of online cloud storage for 91% off at $69. Just a one-time purchase means no more monthly payments for your cloud backup needs—for life.

DrivePop’s cloud storage lets you view your files from iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Chrome OS, Windows RT/8.1, and BlackBerry devices on top of traditional web browsers. There’s a free iOS, Android and Windows 8 app for you to view your files.


  • DrivePop Lifetime Account with 1 TB of Cloud Backup – Plenty of backup space for you and your family (unlimited space upgrade available if needed)
  • Automatic Backups – Runs silently in the background, backing up and uploading your data 100% automatically to the cloud
  • Worldwide Cloud – Back up from anywhere in the world with no bandwidth restrictions
  • Military-Grade Security – All files are transferred and stored using 256 AES encryption
  • Streaming Media – Upload your photos, music, and videos and view them anywhere on any device

With this DrivePop deal, you’re paying $69 one-time only for 1TB of lifetime storage versus perpetual subscription fees that can add up. Think of this as your 1TB external hard drive mirrored to the cloud and accessible anywhere.

Click here to jump on this DrivePop cloud storage deal while it’s still available–your important data like pictures of your kids will thank you.


  • exaro

    A wise consumer would take a pass on any so-called lifetime contract. It’s not possible to continue paying the electrical bills, replacing worn hardware, providing software support, etc for an unknown number of years (users may be 15yo or 85yo) from a single, small enrolment fee. It’s similar to pyramid-selling in which ever-increasing future sales are required to pay the operating expenses. Such “deals” were once common in the health cub industry until they were outlawed; too many people with lifetime contracts finding the doors to their gyms locked. One should expect the same from a cloud storage lifetime contract, expect “server not found” errors in short time.

  • johnnygoodface

    intersting point of view… And never heard of DrivePop before