Need a Password Manager? Get a LIFETIME PasswordBox Subscription for $9.99 [Deals]


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If you don’t have a password manager yet, you definitely need one. The Canadian app PasswordBox was an award-winning password manager at CES 2014–and they have a special limited time offer right now in our Deals Store.

Normally a PasswordBox Unlimited subscription costs $11.99 per year, but right now you can get it for just a one-time payment of $9.99. Normal users pay $11.99/year for the rest of their lives—you just pay $9.99, once. If you can’t afford 1Password, this is a viable alternative.

PasswordBox Unlimited allows you to save unlimited passwords instead of just 25 in the free version. Here are the top features:

  • Save Unlimited Passwords – With the Premium account, you can save as many passwords as you like, and your account never expires
  • Instant Login, On Any Device – Get to your accounts faster with one-click login, control on a site by site basis
  • Your Passwords, Everywhere – Any password saved to PasswordBox is instantly synced to all your browsers, computers, and mobile devices
  • Wallet – Securely manage sensitive information like ID cards, passports, Social Security numbers, credit cards and banking details on the go
  • Legacy Locker – Pass on your online accounts to the people you care about in case something ever happens to you
  • No More Weak Passwords – The password generator can create highly unique and secure passwords for all your accounts
  • Go Mobile – Keep and edit your passwords on the go with apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Simple, Secure, Sharing – Share passwords with anyone you choose, and any changes sync automatically so they always have an updated version

There are PasswordBox browser plugin extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera browsers, plus a free iOS and Android app. All you passwords stay synced across the app on all your devices. Start using strong passwords today and stop remembering simple ones. Your information is at stake and PasswordBox can do the heavy lifting for you.

Click here to jump on the PasswordBox Unlimited subscription deal while it’s still available—it ends in 48 hours!


  • einsteinbqat

    There are great free alternatives out there, but this is a great deal. I mean, with all the hacking and leaks that we had, there is no reason to not get a password manager. I am already using 1Password, but heck people should jump on this one!

  • Yeah, this is a decent deal since it’s a one-time charge for their password service. People seem to like it. I’m still using 1Password though.

  • einsteinbqat

    I am using 1Password, too. Got it for a while now. It works really well, so I am sticking to it. For every one else who cannot afford 1P, this is a good deal. 1P and PB are both Canadian in any case, so yay!

  • david murray

    +1 for LastPass

  • Riddlemethis

    Definitely a good deal, but paying an annual subscription for a PW manager seems odd. Not even 1password charges for a sub.btw , the android version is free.

  • Other password managers such as LastPass also charge $12/year. The subscription model seems less in the short term, but costs more in the long run. Comes down to which company you want to support.

  • Eddie

    I got 1Password in a Mac bundle of some sort once, and there was a must-pay upgrade within 6 months of that so I was pretty much turned off their product for life. (and there have been more paid upgrades since so I think getting sniffy about an annual subscription is a bit ironic from 1Password users…)

    I jumped on this deal but the activation doesn’t seem to be getting through to the PasswordBox system very quickly…

  • Steve

    I have been using Passwordbox for a month now. Much better than 1password and the integration is really nice. First app/plugin I’ve liked enough to trust with crazy jumbled passwords.