KZR Bluetooth Neckband Headset on Sale for 56% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]


There’s nothing worse than having tangled earphones, which is why the KZR Bluetooth Neckband Headset aims to change just that. What makes this headset unique is the band which hangs around your neck, which ensures your headphones don’t tangle when you remove them. Plus, with the built-in mic, you’ll also be able to make calls too!

Tangle free earbuds

These KZR Neckband Headsets are currently on sale for 56% off at $29.99 USD in our Deals Store, with includes free shipping to Canada and beyond.

Tangle free earbuds 2


  • Lightweight, tangle-free wireless design
  • Built-in microphone
  • Remote and call answering buttons
  • Noise-canceling outer shell
  • 30-ft Bluetooth range
  • 10 hours of play time
Koar neckband headset
Koar headband headset 2

If you need an affordable Bluetooth headset to take to the gym or to listen to tunes or podcasts while you’re working around the house, these could be the ones for you.

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  • Graham Rose

    What’s the warranty like on these? I had the lg tones and went through 3 sets In a year – lg was great about replacing them for me throughout. Eventually I switched to Motorola because the Lg was discontinued. I’d nab these though in a heartbeat if the warranty was decent.

  • Nick

    Stereo or mono?

  • Brandon

    Hey Graham –

    There is not an “official” warranty, but the vendor is excellent about providing quality support in the event of any product issues. They are very understanding and are happy to provide replacements and refunds when necessary. You should feel 100% confident about grabbing a pair of these!